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I wouldn't be caught dead in sleeping during the class.

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Q: What does the idiom you wouldn't be caught dead mean?
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What is the idiom we can't get away with anything mean?

Thieves will be caught.

What type of figurative language is caught his eye in what does it mean?

it is an idiom

What does the phrase dead certainly mean?

The idiom is "dead certainty". It means it's in the bag = this is a dead certainty = this is cinch

What does the idiom dead in the water mean?

It refers to a ship that is not going anywhere and is dead in the water. If you are dead in the water, you are at a stop and unable to proceed.

What does the idiom Tom caught the train at eight mean?

It means that Tom got on the train at eight o'clock. "Caught" just means he was there on time and made it into his seat.

What does the idiom 'get off the hook' mean?

It is a fishing term. At first is seemed as if you were caught ( hooked ) but you escaped capture or consequence.

What does the idiom caught your eye mean?

If something "catches" your eye, it has snagged your attention. You are focused on that thing for whatever reason.

What does the idiom 'the dead fish smelled to high heaven' mean?

This is not an idiom. Idioms make little or no sense unless you know the definition. This sentence makes perfect sense, so it is not an idiom. The dead fish smelled so bad that even as high as Heaven, you could smell them.

What does the idiom running out of steam mean?

trains used to run on steam, when they ran out they wouldnt be able to move anymore. its the same for people, when your "running out of steam" your getting tired, and weak

What does the idiom dead as a donut mean?

To be 'as dead as a donut' is to be utterly dead, devoid of life (when applied to people, plants or animals) or finished with, unusable (when applied to inanimate objects).

What does the idiom to stop dead in her track mean?

Stopping dead in one's tracks means stopping all of a sudden on seeing something that is shocking or out of the place.

What does the idiom Dead as Night mean?

Things tend to be quiet at night, as if they were "dead." So if something is "dead as night," it means it is very quiet, not moving around, not making noise.

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