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The bed curtains that hung about Scrooge's death bed.

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The laundress takes Scrooge's bed curtains, bedposts, and bed linens from his room in "A Christmas Carol."

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Q: What does the laundress take from Scrooge's room?
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In a Christmas carol Scrooges laundress had the possessions of a man who died What did she have and whose were they?

She had the sheets and bed curtains of Scrooge that she wanted to sell.

What are scrooge servant doing wwhen he vist them ith the ghost of Christmas yet come?

Mrs Dilber and his laundress were at the Bettling shop selling some of the "dead Scrooges belongings. With them was the undertaker

How did Scrooges servants treat him in the future vision?

Complete indifference. They disliked him because of his miserly ways and the poor treatment and pay they received. This is why the laundress and housekeeper steal his belongings to sell for more money.

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Who are the old ladies and old men talking about in the Christmas carol?

In Stave 4, these are the undertaker, Mrs Dilber the Charlady and the laundress. They have "aquired" some of the dead Scrooges belongings and are at the beetling shop attempting to sell their ill aquired goods

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What was Mrs Dilber's occupation in A Christmas Carol?

Mrs. Dilber was a laundress in "A Christmas Carol." She works for Scrooge, helping to clean his clothing and linens.