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Each state has their own laws and regulations about homeschooling. The perfect reference for you is the Home School Legal Defense Association. They will send you all the information about homeschooling in your state you can imagine (and some you can't!). They will even connect you with homeschoolers in your area if you want. You can hire them for only $100 a year. In the unlikely case that anyone would challenge your homeschooling they will immediately run to your aid and keep trouble away. They are an excellent group, and worth their weight in gold to homeschoolers. Much of their info is free, regardless of whether you hire them or not. In fact, you can immediately learn the laws of your state by accessing their website. All states allow homeschooling. Typically, a state's statutes, through a court ruling, an attorney general opinion, or a regulation that interprets a school attendance law to include homeschooling, consider homeschooling a legitimate option for meeting compulsory education requirements. Because each state regulates homeschooling differently, parents should examine local laws and consult with other homeschoolers before proceeding. In every state, parents must, at a minimum, notify a state or local education agency of their intent to educate their children at home and identify the children involved. Several states require the submission of proposed curricula and tests or have educational requirements for parents. A few even test parents. Only Michigan requires certified teachers to be involved in homeschooling programs, but the state allows parents to choose a program's teacher and does not specify a minimum level of teacher supervision. (Michigan courts have excused parents from the certification requirement if they have religious objections.) The U.S. Supreme Court has not ruled explicitly on homeschooling, but it did rule against compulsory school requirements in Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972). The Supreme Court has also upheld the right, subject to reasonable state requirements, of parents to direct the education of their children. [The answer above is excerpted from a homeschooling brochure written by Patricia M. Lines, Senior Research Analyst, National Institute on Educational Governance, Finance, Policymaking and Management, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education.]

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Q: What does the law say about homeschooling?
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