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What does the legilative branch do?

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The U.S. legislative branch can impeach federal officials (House), try impeachment cases (Senate), pass legislation (both House and Senate), override the President's veto with a 2/3 majority (both House and Senate), choose the President when there is a tie in the Electoral College (House), and approve the President's appointments (Senate).

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Who are the representatives of the legilative branch?

The represntative of the legislative branch is The government and the senator

What is the legilative branch in charge of?

The legislative branch enacts statutes. They create laws.

What branch is responsible for maintaining a balanced budget?

the legilative

How are the Supreme Court justices appointed?

by legilative branch

Is there a legilative branch for every state?

Yes! There is a Legislation in every State

What article of the constitution tells how the legilative branch works?

Article one

How many people are in the legilative branch?

It goes up to 435 people

Which article of the constitution tells how the legilative branch should work?

Article one

What is the name of the people in the California state government's legilative branch?

can u help me

Why does a parliamentary system experience fewer conflicts between the executive branch and the legilative branch than a presidential system?

The members of the executive branch are also members of the legislative branch. -Gradpoint

What are the duties of legislative branch?

The legilative branch is power vested in the bicameral is divided into two chambers the house of senate and house of known as the congress is responsible for making the law.

What is the role of the legilative branch?

The Legislative branch of the government consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. This structure was established by the Articles of Confederation. Congress has the sole discretion to enact legislation, declare war and confirm and reject presidential nominees.

How the judicial branch power are limited?

its not only the judicial branch it's all the three branches of Goverment The Judicial,The Executive ,and The legislative. Its one of the the Principles and its just that all 3 have equal power The Legilative passes a bill,The Executive vetos the bill ,and the Judicial overrights the bill and makes it a Law.

What was the first legilative body in the new world created in Jamestown Virginia?

the house of burgrees

Which branch checks the judicial branch?

The Legislative Branch, and the Executive Branch

What are types of branch accounting?

Dependent Branch Independent Branch Foreign Branch

Which fnb branch has branch code 250655?

It is their Universal Branch Code and can be used for any branch.

What are the 3 branches of our government?

-legislative branch-Executive branch-Judicial branchExecutive branch, Legislative branch, & House of representatives judicial branch

What is the routing number for the Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang Branch I need the number to be able to send a wire transfer to an account at the Zhejiang Branch?

I only have the swift code if this helps - ABOCCNBJ110not really.The code is different from different branches.Here is the complete list:Branch Name swift code Shanghai Branch ABOCCNBJ010 Beijing Branch ABOCCNBJ090 Tianjin Branch ABOCCNBJ020 Shanxi Branch 山西 ABOCCNBJ040 Neimeng Branch ABOCCNBJ050 Liaoning Branch ABOCCNBJ060 Heilongjiang Branch ABOCCNBJ080 Jiangsu Branch ABOCCNBJ100 Zhejiang Branch ABOCCNBJ110 Anhui Branch ABOCCNBJ120 Fujian Branch ABOCCNBJ130 Jiangxi Branch ABOCCNBJ140 Shandong Branch ABOCCNBJ150 Hubei Branch ABOCCNBJ170 Hunan Branch ABOCCNBJ180 Guangdong Branch ABOCCNBJ190 Guangxi Branch ABOCCNBJ200 Hainan Branch ABOCCNBJ210 Sichuan Branch ABOCCNBJ220 Yunnan Branch ABOCCNBJ240 Shanxi Branch 陕西 ABOCCNBJ260 Gansu Branch ABOCCNBJ270 Xinjiang Branch ABOCCNBJ300 Xinjiang Nongken Branch ABOCCNBJ301 Chongqing Branch ABOCCNBJ310 Dalian Branch ABOCCNBJ340 Qingdao Branch ABOCCNBJ380 Ningbo Branch ABOCCNBJ390 Shenzhen Branch ABOCCNBJ410 Henan Branch ABOCCNBJ160

The arrows in the illustration represent checks on the power of each branch of government which branch of government fits in each blank?

A=legislative branch; B=judicial branch

What are the three branches of the Bangladesh government?

Executive branch: Legislative branch: Judicial branch: ....thank you... Executive branch: Legislative branch: Judicial branch: ....thank you...

What branch is the congress in?

Legislative branch Legislative branch = Congress Judicial branch = courts Executive branch = President and cabinet

Executive branch check on the legislative branch?

executive branch check on the lehislative branch

The presidents branch is what?

a branch that the president is in. The executive branch

Which branch oversees the judicial branch?

the executive branch

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