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are you sure it's not BP for black powder ??? it means barrel bushing, the pistol is a transition between colt 1911 commercial and series 70. your pistol was probably made in 1969.

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probably the inspectors initials.................

It should have the caliber marked on the barrel,such as"38 Colt New Police".

On the top of the barrel near the flash suppressor it should be stamped with the caliber and rate of rifling. Example - 5.56 Nato 1/7.

AnswerColt New Police was the name of the cartridges fired in the gun.(32 New Police,38 New Police)Could a 38 Colt Police Positive serial 24827 be stamped Colt New Police on the frame The answer is YES. Police Positive First issue 1907-1927 is marked Police Positive on the Barrel and early Transitional Models will also be double marked with New Police on the Frame. This Double Marked version in 90% condition or better will add 10% to the Price.

I believe 'pt' stands for patent, as in Colt patent firearms has Colt sn tables. You can also call Colt and they will tell you.

Yes it does, unless your barrel is stamped .223 .

barrel, cylinder, frame, sights, hammer, grips, springs

Open the cylinder- can be found stamped on the frame under the yoke.

No. The barrlel and grip are longer on the Government model. The Gov't model has a barrel bushing, where the Mustang does not.

Look on the grip frame under the grip panes and on the bottom of the frame under the barrel.

Frame, barrel, trigger, bushing, firing pin, firing pin spring, barrel bushing, hanmmer, strut, backstrap to name a few.

the serial number is on the frame behind the gate that opens with the cylinder right under the barrel

When you swing out the cylinder, it'll be visible on the frame under the piece that holds the barrel.

Was it made for the Colt? Is it someone's old flap holster for a Colt 1917, and your Colt wound up inside? What's the condition of the holster? Too many questions to be answered.

It should be stamped on the barrel. If it's a 1 in 7 twist, it will read 1:7.

237571 is stamped on metal frame between the pistol grips

CTG means "cartridge." This isn't a question of barrel length so much as age, as to differentiate it from black powder only cartridge guns.

You're saying that there are absolutely no marks, letters, words, or numbers anywhere on this Frontier Scout? There are two possiblities. One, an employee at Colt stole the pieces one by one before any marks were put on them ( barrel and frame in particular). Two, someone did a really bad job trying to refinish it. The frame was made either of aluminum or a zinc alloy called "Zamac" IIRC. Either way, it's a very bad thing and illegal to have.

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