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My guess is the chain is 10K and the other mark is probably a maker's mark of some sort. I tried looking up the mark on the internet and didn't come up with anything. That's what makes me think it is a maker's mark instead of a standard industry mark (like HGE).

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Q: What does the letters OR mean on a 10k gold necklace?
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What does frz mean on your necklace?

What does frz mean on a gold necklace without saying 14k what does it mean

What does 858 stamped on a necklace mean?

I think it means 10k gold

Is a 10k Gold Figaro Chain Necklace real gold?

Yes, a 10k gold Figaro chain necklace is made of real gold. The "10k" indicates that the gold is 41.7% pure gold, with the rest being alloyed metals for strength and durability.

What does 10K mean on a silver looking necklace?

"10K" refers to the purity of the silver in the necklace. In this case, it indicates that the necklace is made of silver that is 41.67% pure (since pure silver is 100% pure). It is a common marking to indicate the silver content in jewelry.

I have just received a necklace with JTS 10K stamped on the catch link what does this mean?

Sounds like JTS is the maker's mark, and 10K means it's 10K gold (10/24 of pure).

What does RVL on 10k necklace mean?

It means "reveal"

Is gold necklace a mixture?

Yes. The yellow gold necklace it is mixture with red copper alloy and yellow bronze alloy, from 22k thru 10k.

What does NG 10k on a gold charm mean?

"NG 10k" likely indicates that the gold charm is 10 karat gold, meaning it is composed of 41.7% pure gold. It is important to note that 10k gold is less pure than 14k or 18k gold.

What does 417E mark mean on jewelry?

This means 10k gold.

Fi 10k stamp on gold mean?

Fi 10k mean?

What kind of cross necklace do gangs wear?

Either 14K or 10K white gold necklaces

What does gold stamp 10k EMI mean?

10k emi