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It is different hardware, a different chipset. You'll have to buy a PCI card to get the USB 2.0. The software you need is in SP1 at Windows Update, but only if you have the hardware. You can get a combo card with USB 2.0 and Firewire on one card. CompUSA or Circuit City are the cheapest.

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How many batteries does a ps2 wireless controller need?

depends on the controller my controller needs 4xAAA

How do you charge PS3 controller?

Plug it into your PS3 with USB cable. The console needs to be on to charge the controller.

Why won't the HP Solution Center error message go away?

The reason your HP solution center error message won't go away is because there is an error on your computer. There may be an update that needs to be installed before this will leave the screen.

Is Windows installed with a backup utility that meet the needs of most individual users?

Windows is installed with a backup utility that meet the needs of most individual users, is this true?

What are items that a ps2 needs?

Game disc controller TV cables power

Do you have to download Firefox on a Mac or is it already there?

Firefox is not installed with a new Mac it needs to be downloaded and installed. (See links below)

Can you play with the controller plugged in to the PS3 console?

Yes when your controller needs to be charged you can use the charging cable and still use the controller to play the game. Always make sure your system settings automatically turn off your controller when you turn off the PS3. Remember the PS3 will not charge the controller when it is off.

What is a synonym for message?

A synonym for message is a letter,or anote to someone who needs information about something to get somewhere somehow

How many controllers do you need for monopoly on ps3?

each player needs separate controller,

Why is DNA called the controller of all cell activities?

DNA is called the controller of all cell activities because it contains the information for the cell. It tells the cell what it needs to do and how to do it.

Why wont the playstation 3 controller work?

Is it a wired controller? Is it possible that there's a short in the wire. Wiggle the wire around a bit. At any point does the controller work again (even briefly)? If so, there's a short and the controller needs to be replaced. If it's a wireless controller, make sure the batteries are fresh. If so, there could be a signal problem.

What does a file with the extension EXE means?

In Windows it is an executable file. This means it is most likely a program that needs to be installed, or can run without being installed.

What does the text message Have you all mean?

the question needs to make sense if we are to answer it

How do you explain and illustrate how the process of communication?

The process of communication occurs when there is a sender of a message who needs to use a medium to get the message to a recipient. The medium has different efficiency depending on the message and the audience.

What is the difference between a ps3 controller and a xbox 360 contrller?

The PS3 controller is easier to handle and you can charge it with a USB cable. The X-BOX needs new batteries and the handles are bigger.

What is the Olympic message?

well if you did not this then your dumb so the olympic message is faith truth and respect all needs to be in one whole team

Does a domain controller always run on a dedicated server?

YES a DC needs a dedicated server to function

Does the thermostat have to be in the Plymouth Voyager?

Yes, the thermostat needs to be installed for proper engine operation.

Will it be better to let the PlayStation 3 controller battery die before recharging?

It is advisable to recharge the PlayStation 3 controller battery when the charge is low. In other words when the PS3 indicated the controller needs a charge you can charge it then, but you can also let it charge whenever you are not using it. The $55 retail ($40-$45 at Amazon depending on color) dual shock 3 controllers were not cheap and most people have multiple controllers. I like to leave mine connected to the TV USB with charging cables. The one I use for playing is then switched with a charged controller if the low battery message come up.

How do you charge a PlayStation 3 controller?

Charging a PlayStation 3 controller is a lot simpler than you might think it is. With a PlayStation 3 comes a cord that plugs a controller into the system. Hook it up and your controller is already charging. If it is not, one of three things is happening: 1) The cord is broken or faulty. 2) The controller is broken or faulty, or the battery needs to be replaced. 3) The system is turned off. If you address all these problems and the controller is still not charging, contact Sony.

What does an good advert need to have?

it needs a clear message first, dont add any fancy stuff untill you get the message you want to give out first.

Can you please help me to find the right camera for me with my specific needs?

Sure! Send me a private message with what your specific needs are, and I'll try to help you.

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