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what does madilyn mean the name?


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it s madilyn for this is the best way of combining my name

AnswerMargaret,Madylin, Madeline, Madilyn,Madonna.

Pop singer Madilyn Bailey is 24 years old (born September 2, 1992).

It could be the same, Maddy. Where this is short for Madeline, Madeleine, or Madilyn, the Spanish form is Madalena.

Her oldest is Abbie then step daughter Bo's daughter Serina and then the youngest Madilyn

Madilyn Grace Smith was born on November 12, 2010, making her 3 years old today.

Madeline Maddilin Madelyne Madilyn I'm sure there are more (: Names don't have one set way to spell them, and people are always making up new spellings for names.

Neyo is currently dating Monyetta Shaw. The pair are engaged and currently have 2 children together, Mason and Madilyn Smith.

I am just telling you some rlly common ones so.. Lol. Chrissy, Katlyin, Madison (Maddy, Madilyn, etc.) Susan, and Janet. Hope I helped! Btw this may not be the answer I just do the most common ones.

Kamryn Morgyn Madilyn Jaycie Jordyn Addisyn Geena Korbyn Jayde Erika Bridgette Linnaea Chloe Sofia Georgina Chloette Seylah

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