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What does the name Meghan mean?


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Meghan is a variant of Margaret and Megan - it means pearl.

Megan comes from the Celtic/Gaelic name, meaning "Soft/gentle".


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it is a variant of margaret

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je m'appelle meghanje m'appelle meghan

Meghan (actually spelled Megan) is not even an Irish name: it's Welsh. It's a short form of Margaret which is from the Greek for 'pearl'.

check out the followers of meghan fox at facebook and twitter, you will get to know how many people like the name Meghan.

Meghan = Μεγαν

the name megan/meaghan means pearl. It has a greek meaning.

Meghan in Italian is pronounced the same as in English. Its basically the same thing, it doesn't change. i would know my name is meghan too (:

The name Meghan is said the same in Spanish as it is in English. This first name is said as Mei gen in Chinese.

her full name is " meghan Denise foxx"

Meghan (also spelled Megan, Maegan, Meagan) is the Welsh adaptation to the common name. This name specifically means pearl and this spelling has been said to be the Irish-American spelling of "Megan".

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