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What does the name Patric mean?

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Patric is a spelling variant of Patrick. Patrick comes from the Latin name Patricius, which meant "nobleman".

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What does patric mean?

In French, the name Patric means- patrician, noble form of patrick. The name Patric orginated as an French name. The name Patric is most often used as a boy name or male name.French Name Meaning - patrician, noble form of patrickOrigin - France

What is the birth name of Patrick Zimmerman?

Patric Zimmerman's birth name is Patric Laine Zimmerman.

What is the birth name of Patrick Brillhart?

Patric Brillhart's birth name is PatricRobertBrillhart.

What is Robert Pattison's dad's name?

he is Shawn Patric Pattison

What is the birth name of Pat McCaffrie?

Pat McCaffrie's birth name is Patric Francis McCaffrie.

What is the birth name of Oliver Neuville?

Oliver Neuville's birth name is Oliver Patric Neuville.

What is the birth name of Patrick Knowles?

Patric Knowles's birth name is Reginald Lawrence Knowles.

When was Patric Nebhuth born?

Patric Nebhuth was born in 1973.

How tall is Jason Patric?

Jason Patric is 5' 10".

How tall is Marcus Patric?

Marcus Patric is 6' 0".

When did Patric Dickinson die?

Patric Dickinson died in 1994.

How tall is Tiko Patric?

Tiko Patric is 6' 1".

What is the birth name of Jason Patrick?

Jason Patric's birth name is Jason Patric Miller Jr..

What is Patric Zimmerman's birthday?

Patric Zimmerman was born on October 10, 1954.

When was Jason Patric born?

Jason Patric was born on June 17, 1966.

When was Patric Klandt born?

Patric Klandt was born on 1983-09-29.

When was Patric Cilliers born?

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When was Rupesh Patric born?

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When was Patric Chiha born?

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What are the release dates for Patric - 2013?

Patric - 2013 was released on: USA: 2013

How do you pick out a name for a bicycle?

Name your bicycle by the first letters of your middle and last name, for example,if your name was, (Caleb Patric smith) You would name your bike PS.

Is Lord Muruga's modern name Vivek Kumar?

no it is patric star and he lives in the sea in bakini bottom ho lives in a pinapple under the sea patric star yaaah .. p@xton $ashleigh rox...

When was Patric Della Rossa born?

Patric Della Rossa was born on 1975-07-28.

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