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What does the name Saturn mean?

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Saturn was the god of agriculture in Roman mythology, and the father of Jupiter, the king of the gods..

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What does the name of Saturn mean?

Saturnwas named for the Roman god of agriculture..

What greek god is Saturn named after and what does it mean?

saturn is not greek he is roman greek name for saturn is kronos

What does Saturn mean in Roman mythology?

Saturn is the name of the Greek titan "Kronos"

Where does Saturn get is name from?

Saturn gets its name from the Roman god Saturn. God of agriculture.

What is the name origin of Saturn?

Titan is the origin name of Saturn.

What does saturns name mean?

The name Saturn means "most remote planet" because at the time it was named, it was the furthest planet from the sun. The planet was named after the Roman god of agriculture, Saturn.

What is the full name of titan?

If you mean Saturn's moon, either Titan or Saturn VI.

Is Cronus the Roman name of Saturn?

No, Saturn was the Roman name of Cronus.

What are some similarities between Saturn and Cronus?

Saturn is Cronus. Cronus was his greek name, Saturn his roman name.

Does the name Saturn have a meaning?

Saturn is named after the Roman god of the same name. Saturn was considered the god of agriculture.

Saturn has incomed with Saturn is its name?


Roman name for Saturn?

They called it Saturn.

What is the average distance between the Earth and Saturn known as?

Not sure what you mean with "known as"; there is no special name for this distance, if that's what you mean.

Why did they name Saturn Saturn?

named after a god saturna

Why was Saturn named Saturn?

because it is farther out then Jupiter Saturn got its name from Saturn a roman god. Saturn was jupiters father

What does Saturn mean?

Saturn was named after the roman god of agriculture.

What does your planet Saturn name mean?

All the planets are named after Roman gods (Mercury, Mars and so on). Saturn was the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Kronos the Titan, who was the father of Zeus and his 5 brothers and sisters. The name Saturn is possibly from the Latin word for "to sow" as Saturn was the Roman god of agriculture amongst other things.

Who is th greek god name Saturn and what does it mean?

Cronus, Kronos or Cronos a male agricultural deity

What is the name of the person who found Saturn?

Galileo discovered Saturn

Who was named after Jupiter Saturn and Uranus?

what were the name of Jupiter and Saturn

Did Galileo name Saturn?

No, Saturn was named in ancient times.

Where does the name planet Saturn come from?

from the car manufacturers 'SATURN'

What is other name for the planet Saturn?

Saturn.... That is the only name unless you want other languages....

The scientific name for Saturn?

Saturn is the scientific name for the sixth planet from the sun in our solar system

What does the Saturn planet mean?

Saturn is named after the Greek god of agriculture.

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