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What does the name Tiara mean?

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It's little Pony tail lol <3

Another Meaning - What the common folk call a "Big fat Doo Doo Head".

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What is the birth name of Tiara Williams?

Tiara Williams's birth name is Tiara L. Williams.

What does the word tiara mean?

A tiara is a type of royal crown.

What does the name tiara mean in Japanese?

"Tiara" isn't a Japanese word, it's an English one, so it doesn't translate to anything in Japanese. However, the Japanese word for "tiara" is "oukan." It also means "crown."

What does tiara mean?

Tiara is a woman's jewelled semi- circular headress. ( which means it is a crown)

How do you pronounce tiara in Hebrew?

If you are asking how to pronounce the name Tiara in Hebrew, it's pronounced "tiara." If you are asking what the Hebrew word for a tiara is, it's k&Atilde;&copy;tehr (&times;&rsaquo;&times;&ordf;&times;&uml;).

What does diadem mean?

A crown or tiara.

What is another name for a crown?


What is another name for a tiara?


What does tiara mean in french?

Tiara is not a French word. It is medieval Italian in origin, from the Latin, via the Greek.

What is the real name of Tiara Gold in high school musical 3 Senior Year?

The name of Tiara Gold is Jemma McKenzie-Brown.

What is another name for a small crown?

Coronet is another name for a small crown.Tiara is also another word for a small crown.

How can you be a tiara?

I guess you mean how do you make one. Use a Silver Bar on a furnce while having a tiara mould in your inventory. To make it into a certain tiara you can use the Talisman for which type you want on the original altar with the tiara in your inventory.

What is the meaning of the name Tiara?

It means "A Crown."

What it the name of the roman military headdress?


What is another name of a small crown?


What does tira mean?

"Tira" is gibberish. You may mean tiara which is a jeweled, ornamental coronet worn by women. Also a name of one of the Pope's crowns.

What is the name of sharpay's assisant in hsm3?

Tiara Gold

How many people have the same name as Tiara?

My Daughter

What does of Tiffany mean in spanish?

It means tiara 'de Tiffany'

What is another name for a crown for a queen?


Like face tiara not runescape?

You mean the Chaos Tiara, you will need a Chaos talisman to make that, then you go to the appropriate altar then use the talisman on it with a blank Tiara in your iventory to make one, this can be done at any RC level.

What is tiara day?

Tiara day is on June 6th. It is when you wear your favorite tiara all day!!!!

What people will be in hsm4?

tiara gold tiara gold

Did athordide ever wear a crown or tiara?


How do you make a water tiara in RuneScape?

Bring a water talisman, a plain tiara then go to the water altar, and use the tiara on it, you will lose the water talisman, but you will obtain a water tiara.

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