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The name Cori means "kindness"

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What is the birth name of Cori Stern?

Cori Stern's birth name is Cori Shepherd Stern.

What is the birth name of Cori Yarckin?

Cori Yarckin's birth name is Cori Ann Yarckin.

What is the birth name of Cori Chan?

Cori Chan's birth name is Chan Lok Him.

What is the birth name of Cori Zimmer?

Cori Zimmer's birth name is Katarzina Bronya Zora Zelnikova.

What does cori mean?

the word Cori means gorgeous, beautiful and smart. Cori has big boobs and a big personality she's perfect.

Where does the name Cori come from?

it comes from a beautiful goddess that is an athletic and sporty girl {coming from the 'i"} usually funny and loves animals... that is what and where the name Cori comes from.

What is Snoop Dogg's Daughter's Name?

Snoop Dog's daughter name is Cori.

What is Snoop Dogg's daughters name?

Snoop Dog's daughter name is Cori.i

What is Snoop Dogg's daughter legal name?

no her name is Cori cordell is her brother

How do you write the name Cori in Japanese?

You may write it: コーリ

How tall is Cori Lomonte?

Cori Lomonte is 5' 4".

When was Cori Alexander born?

Cori Alexander was born in 1985.

How tall is Cori Williams?

Cori Williams is 5' 3".

Is the name Cori a boy or girl name?

It is a name for both girls and boys. Although it may be spelled differently

Does Cori Broadus has a boyfriend?

== == No, Cori Broadus does not have a boyfriend. At least, not in my research.

How old is cori broadus?

Cori Broadus is 10 years old

What is coro or cori?

Coro means choir or chorus, and cori is its plural.

When was Gerty Cori born?

Gerty Cori was born on August 15, 1896.

When was Jorge Cori born?

Jorge Cori was born on 1995-07-30.

What has the author Cori Dahmen written?

Cori Dahmen has written: 'Scrapbook Memorabilia'

When did Thomas of Cori die?

Thomas of Cori died on 1729-01-11.

When was Thomas of Cori born?

Thomas of Cori was born on 1655-06-04.

When was Deysi Cori born?

Deysi Cori was born on 1993-07-02.

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