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What does the name dillion mean?

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His name is Dillion Franc

Dillion has no meaning in Hebrew. But if you're asking how to write it using Hebrew letters, it's: דילון

"Dillion" is not a standard name for a number. It may sound a bit like "million", "billion", etc., but the word is really meaningless.

James Dillion died in 2010.

James Dillion was born in 1929.

Dillion Harper is 5' 5".

dillon is ok, but not dillion. If it's dillion you would pronounce it differently. I still prefer it spelt Dylan though

No! Of course Dillion sprouse is not a VIRGIN. I mean come on hes an actor!

Dillion Harper was born on September 27, 1991, in Florida, USA.

FAWTY tree dillion rush yads, FAWTY FAW Dillion pass yads

"happy mothers day lots of love Dillion" in Welsh is "llawer mamau dydd yn hapus o gariad Dillion" .

yes they got brothers i think leagacy has jus one and his name is dillion and ben j's lil bro name is Marc

Denis Dillion has written: 'Lessons for the big society' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Community life, Citizen participation

micheal would win it because micheal means law and justice and dillion does not sound so big and stroung

He went to work at Msnbc.

Matt Dillion =) Hes hot.

about 15 million bajillion dillion

William Conrad, among others.

James Arness, in the role of Marshall Dillion.

She appeared in Kiss Daddy Goodnight with Paul Dillion,Older brother of Matt and Kevin Dillion.

As of the start of the 2007 season, Corey Dillion is the Bengals all time leader in rushing yards with 8,061. Dillion played with the Bengals between 1997-2003.

38,560 dillion humbilion lilian words

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