What does the name gabi mean?

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It is a nickname for the name Gabriel Gabriela, usually a girl's name. For males, the nickname would be Gabe.
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What does gaby mean?

It is a diminuative form of the name Gabriel. The name Gabriel mean "Strong right hand of God." gaby is one of my best friends

Is Gabi Goslar dead?

No Gabi is alive and Well she was only a baby during the Start and Ending of the Holocaust she is in her 60 or 70 years old

Who is gaby novogratz?

There does not seem to be a famous person named Gaby Novogratz, butthere is a Princeton Stripe Magazine editor with that name.

Who is Gaby Greenwald?

Gaby Greenwald is a smart ten year old fourth grade kid. She played Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the old Globe Theater and did a fantastic job. She is a professional actress and singer who will hopefully play on Broadway someday. So tell your friends and family about her so she ( Full Answer )

What does gaby mean in Japanese?

it means nothing it doesn't have a meaning only in some countries it does like mexico,italy,spain ,etc

What is the meaning of gabi?

it means a great name and means talkative and i love my name because gabi is my nick name my real name is gianna

How old is Gaby dela Merced?

Filipina race driver Gabrielle "Gaby" De la Merced is 35 years old(born June 10, 1982).

Gabi plant scientific name?

Gabi, which what it's called in the Philippines, is known as taroin the U.S. The scientific name of the plant is Colocasiaesculenta. Its alternative botanical name is Colocasia antiquorum.

Who is gabi Wilson?

A talented 12 year old that can really sing just type her up on youtube.

What does gaby mean in Mexico?

Gaby is the affectionate form of Gabriela, which is the female form of Gabriel. Gabriel has a Hebrew origin, and means 'God is my strength'.

Who is Gaby Ramierez?

She is a mariachi and English pop singer. Very good singer. She is 13 years old.

What is the English of gabi?

Gabi is a Tagalog word meaning a potato that is grown under thesoil. It is a form of taro.

IS Gabi Wilson Famous?

Well, I don't know exactly but I've seen her play the piano with Jasmin Vellegas and on Maury. Also, she has a whole channel on youtube but I don't think she is famous yet.

What does 'Gaby' mean in German?

"Gaby" is a German first name for a female. Often it`s the official name of a woman, but it can also be a nickname. I think it might be the short form of "Gabriele", but I´m not sure.

What is an Ethiopian Gabi Shawl?

an Ethiopian Gabi shawl is a special kind of shawls made in Ethiopia where these are woven with out using any modern machines or technology. these are mainly hand loom ( hand made). these shawls are traditionally used to tie around waist or around head like a turban or even around shoulders.

What war did Alfred Gaby fight in?

Alfred Edward Gaby fought in world war 1 in either France or Germany i am not sure which specific part of world war one but i know that he was in world war one hope i helped (:

Is gabi Wilson rich?

Gabi Wilson is rich. She was rich before she become famous. And of couse she is rich because of all the enterviews sh does and the t.v. Shows she sing on you get paid for that. L.o.l this is miss jalea catch up with me on facebook and you can see some of my videos i have made in youtube s ( Full Answer )

What are good last names for the name Gabi?

Any last name that you like is a good one! Your characters are yours - you don't have to ask some anonymous person on the internet about them. Here's a good LINK to a list of last names you might like.

Who is gaby borges?

She a little girl that very beautiful and she work in a novela named Eva Luna it very cool if you watch Eva Luna you will fall in love with it it awesome it in televista it Spanish it awesome! :)

What is the English translation to Gabi Gabi?

"Gabi gabi" is a Filipino expression which literally means "night night", similar to the English phrase "day by day". It means "every night" or "night after night".

How do you get nipper and gaby on Moshi Monsters?

To Get Gabby: You have to be a moshi monsters member & do mission 8 Moshi Monster Memberships are always at Gamestop 1 month= $6 6 month= $30 To Get Nipper: You have to buy the game Moshling Zoo for the Nintendo D.S. or D.S.I. A code should be provided with your game. Type in the code when you login ( Full Answer )

What the song gandang gabi vice?

Gandang Gabi, Vice!i is the theme song to a variety and talk showof the same name. The show is hosted in the Philippines by ViceGanda.

How do you get Gaby on Moshi Monsters?

It's really simple to get on Moshi Monsters all you do on the Google bar is type in Moshi Monsters. And then you hit Moshi Monsters and then you hit adoption center and then you pick your monster and when your done you need to wait for an email from Moshi Monsters and then you back in the website ( Full Answer )

How to get gaby the moshling?

You have to be a moshi Member and play a super moshi mission. Gabby part of the techies and luvs to chit chat oh yeah

Who is gaby is LOVE with?

I donÕt know who Gaby is in LOVE with. There will be many people that Gaby is in love with in her lifetime. Those who are close to her will know who she is in love with.

Is Gabi a cool name?

Yes it is almost 50 percent of all the people in the world is named Gabi.

Why is Gaby so cool?

It's the way she says "I'm going to punch you in the throat!" or her extra perky personality. But in all honesty it's probably the way she chucks water bottles across physics class. Hola soy Dora!

Who is Gabi butler?

Gabi butler is a really awesome cheerleader. She is flexible very flexible and is awesome at tumbling. She lives in Cali and is on smoed.

Is gabi a protein?

Gabi, also known as taro, does contain very small amounts of protein, but would be more accurately described as a carbohydrate. A one cup serving contains 1g protein and 46g of carbohydrates.

How gabi plant propagated?

To propagate the Gabi plant you can cut off a small piece of tuberand regrow the plant. The plant will also grow from whole tubersand aerial stem pieces.

Uses of gabi?

Used for internal hemorrhages and is a good antidote for wasp stings and insect stings.

Which city was Gaby Espino born in?

Gaby Espino is a well known model and actress that is from Venezuela. She was born Caracas Venezuela and her fame is mostly known for her career on Telenovelas.

What is the meaning of the word gabi?

The word gabi comes from the word "ficus pleurocarpa" which also means banana fig. By definition, it is the inner bark to make items like blankets and containers.

When did Frank Gaby die?

Frank Gaby died on February 12, 1945, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA of suicide by hanging.

What are the release dates for Gaby - 1956?

Gaby - 1956 was released on: USA: 9 May 1956 (New York City, New York) Portugal: 17 October 1956 France: 30 November 1956 Japan: 12 December 1956 Sweden: 11 February 1957 West Germany: 22 February 1957 Austria: March 1957 Finland: 17 May 1957 Spain: 5 March 1962 (Madrid)

What has the author Gabi Gillen written?

Gabi Gillen has written: 'Hartz IV' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Employment, Government policy, Unemployment Insurance, Welfare recipients 'Anschluss verpasst' -- subject(s): Case studies, People with social disabilities, Poor, Social Marginality

What has the author Gabi Elverich written?

Gabi Elverich has written: 'Demokratische Schulentwicklung' -- subject(s): Case studies, Education, Democracy and education, Anti-racism, Right-wing extremists, Multicultural education, Prevention

What has the author James Gaby written?

James Gaby has written: 'Mate in sail' -- subject(s): Sailing ships, Seafaring life 'The restless waterfront' -- subject(s): History, Labor unions, Stevedores

What has the author Gaby Schuster written?

Gaby Schuster has written: 'Casting.' 'Verdammt verliebt. Kuschelrock.' 'Sissi. Im Dienst der Krone.' 'Nina und Nicki geben nicht auf. LeseRiese' 'Club Paradiso, Bd.7, Flammen auf der Kap Kalliste' 'Halt mich fest in deinen Armen. Kuschelrock.'

What has the author Gabi Mezger written?

Gabi Mezger has written: 'The Jesse Owens story' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Olympics, Track and field athletes, Biography, History, African American athletes, African Americans