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What does the name gala mean?

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It mean a princess from hawaiian

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Gala Radin's birth name is Gala Radinovic.

gala means "milk-white"

Gala Galaction's birth name is Grigore Pisculescu.

Gala Svintitskaya's birth name is Galina Victorovna Svintitskaya.

A festive occasion or celebration.

it means "good" in english

I think what you mean is a red orange and yellow apple. This type of apple would be called a Gala apple.

GALA- There as a gala in the town .

Yes, his wife's name was Gala

non of them ,the right answer is arrive to gala. non of them ,the right answer is arrive to gala.

There are several definitions of a gala. There are gala apples from New Zealand. A gala can also refer to a party or festival.

She was called Gala, but her real name was Elena Ivanovna Diakonova.

Peaches in general are called Prunus persica.

i looked it up in the macquarie dictionary and it said 1: showy; festive 2: a festive occation and in a sentence it's: his visits were always gala occations

It's "ala chingada" it's means "Go to hell"

How about 'soirée' or 'ball'?

Gala Évora was born in 1983.

It probably was meant to be: arrive at gala.

Anton Gala died in 1977.

Anton Gala was born in 1891.

Gala Gonzalez was born in 1986.

Gala Dalí died in 1982.

I want to have a gala time with my girlfriend tonight. On July 4th, there is a gala celebration in Philadelphia. The mayor was unable to attend the gala honoring the retired policemen.

Originally Italian, 'gala' meant, literally, 'of the state', as most highly ornate or ornamented.

The Bible word for gala would be FEAST.