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What does the name witch mean?


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September 14, 2011 1:28AM

It depends on what culture and history you are looking for. There were witches in pretty much every culture in the world. Shamans, wise-women, farm doctors, medicine women. People who understood how the earth worked, how to work in harmony with it and how to heal. What to plant when, how to fix ailments, how to bring peace and how to protect your loved ones against evil.

With the help of mainstream media and fear-mongering, the word witch still causes fear and hatred even today. Other words that have gained popularity in the fear-mongering category are: immigrant and Muslim.

To me, wearing the word witch is a proud way to reclaim what those people sufferred under prejudice, and still do. It means I am responsible for bringing truth and healing, to protect those that can't protect themselves, to nuture the environment and fight for the rights of animals and people alike of all ethnicities and religions who are too weak to do it themselves.