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What does the national gemstone represents?

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What is the national gemstone of the Netherlands?

The Netherlands doesn't have an official national gemstone. Turquoise is the national gemstone of Iran, opal is the national gemstone of Australia and amber is the national gemstone of Spain.

What is Romania's national gemstone?

We have not a national gemstone.

What is France's national gemstone?

Pearls are the national gemstone of France.

What is Moldova's national gemstone?

Any national gemstone in Moldova.

What is the national gemstone of Ontario?

Ontario's national gemstone is the Amethyst

What is china's national gemstone?

There isn't really a national gemstone of China. But a really popular gemstone is Jade.

What is Australia's gemstone?

Australia's national gemstone is the opal.

What is England's national gemstone?

There are two gemstones that have been England's national gemstone. Shell cameos and amethyst are two national gemstones of the country of England.

What is Greeces national gemstone?


What is French national gemstone?

Turquoise Is the answer

What is Australia's national gemstone?

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia. In Aboriginal legend, the opal was a gift from the sky - the fire of desert. The opal was declared Australia's National Gemstone on 28 July 1994. Currently, over 90% of the world's opal comes from Australian opal fields.

What is Germany's national gemstone?

Aquamarine Gem. Sparkles in Smithsonian

What are Australia's national emblems?

Australia's national floral emblem is the Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha Benth.). This reflects Australia's national colours of Green and Gold. The national gemstone is the opal. Australia has no national faunal (animal) emblem.

Who represents their state at a national convention?


A song that represents a country?

The National Anthem

What is a National Ambassador?

a national ambassador is a person who represents a particular nation in an event or summit ..

What rock is the Sydney Opera House made out of?

gemstone probably gemstone probably gemstone probably

What is the rainbow gemstone?

Tourmaline is referred to as 'Rainbow Gemstone'. This gemstone comes in any color variation.

How do you breed a gemstone dragon in DragonVale?

A new gemstone dragon is released each month and the old one leaves. A gemstone dragon requires a gemstone island. See the related questions for specific gemstone dragons.

What the horse and bull signify in national emblem of India?

The horse represents speed and the bull represents power

What are the gemstones for the archangels?

There are four main archangels. Ariel's gemstone is rose quartz. Gabriel's gemstone is citrine. Michael's gemstone I sugilite. Rafael's gemstone is emerald.

What is a mystic fire topaz gemstone?

This is an artificial gemstone.

What is Alaska's gemstone?

Alaska's state gemstone is Jade.

What is Indianas gemstone?

Indiana's gemstone is the salem limestone.

What properties of quartz make it a gemstone?

Quartz is not a gemstone.