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They eat berries leaves clay bark fruit etc. hope that will help a bit

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What do Okapi Eat?

Okapi are herbivores and eat leaves

What animals do okapi eat?

they eat food

What does an Okapi eat?

They eat fruits, vegetables, and plants.

Does the jaguar eat okapi?

No, the okapi is from Africa and the jaguar from the Americas. They never meet in nature.

Does an okapi graze on grass?

Okapi are browsers, not grazers, so no, they do not graze on grass.Okapi are herbivores, or plant eaters. Grass is one of the foods they eat. They also eat a variety of ferns, buds, etc. Many of the plants they eat are poisonous to humans.

Do Monkeys Eat Okapi?

No, I think. Monkys are quite smaller than okapi. They merely can't eat them. Besides, monkeys are a kind of friendly animal.

What does the Okapi like to do?

Like most animals okapi like to eat and reproduce. If you click on 'related links' below the link will take you to the wikipedia page on okapi. There is a section there about their behavior.

Does an okapi graze on the grass?

Okapi live in the Congo Rainforest. They eat a variety of local plants, one of which is grass. They also eat a number of plants that are poisonous to humans.

Does an okapi grazz on grass?

No. Just like its relative, the giraffe the Okapi tends to eat the leaves of a tree using its tongue.

How many hours does an okapi sleep?

an okapi sleeps for 5 minutes a day because they are scared of lions going to eat them.

What is the plural for Okapi?

The plural of okapi may be either okapis or remain as okapi.

Do cheetahs eat okapi?

No, okapis are too large to be taken down by a cheetah and they do not like in the same type of habitat. Cheetahs prefer open grasslands while the okapi prefers dense forests.

What does a mother okapi feed a baby okapi?

An Okapi mother feeds its baby milk.

What is the diet of the okapi?

They mainly eat grasses and hay called alfafalfa. They are herbivores. Sometimes for treats they eat onions and yams.

Is the okapi a mammal?

Yes, the okapi is a mammal.

Is a okapi a vertebrate or invertebrate?

the okapi is vertebrate

Is an okapi related to a horse in any way at all?

Only in that they are both mammals. The okapi are in the same family as the giraffe ("giraffidae"), in the order cetartiodactyla. The horse is in the order perissodactyla, family equidae. The okapi shape is similar to that of a giraffe but with a much shorter neck. Okapi, like giraffe, have very long tongues, which they use to strip and eat leaves and buds from trees.

How do you pronounce okapi?

 [oh-kah-pee] = okapi

When was okapi discovered?

The okapi was discovered at the beginning of this century.

How you call okapi in French?

Same word - Okapi.

Does the okapi have predators?

The predator of the okapi is the leopard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

What is a okapi mixed with?

Okapi is not mixed. That look is natural.

What body covering does an okapi have?

The okapi is covered in hair.

Is an Okapi a carnivore herbivore or omnivore?

The Okapi is a herbivore.

What is the Okapi's diet?

Okapi eat: Leaves, Fruit, and seeds, yet sometimes small insects.