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Pancreas's are for pansies

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Q: What does the phrase PR4P stand for?
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What type of phrase is shall stand?

Verb Phrase

What do the initials INPS stand for?

The initials INPS can stand for several different phrases. One phrase that INPS can stand for is International Network for Philippine Studies. Another phrase that INPS can stand for is Idaho Native Plant Society.

What does the phrase mia stand for?

Missing in Action

What is the highwaymen's catch phrase?

Stand and deliver.

What does the acronym CLAAS stand for?

The acronym CLAAS can stand for two different phrases. The first phrase that CLAAS can stand for is the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement. The second phrase that CLAAS can stand for is the Clearwater Largo Area Astronomical Society.

How many times is the phrase stand firm occur in the bible?

In the King James version the phrase - stand firm - does not appear at all, whether said by Paul or anyone else.

Where did the phrase blow this fascist popsicle stand originate?

the simpsons

Is on the beach an phrase or an indipenedent clause?

"On the beach" is a phrase, not an independent clause. It does not express a complete thought and cannot stand alone as a sentence.

In Grendel what poetic device is used in the phrase stand stock stay?

The poetic device used in the phrase "stand stock stay" from "Grendel" is alliteration, which is the repetition of the initial consonant sound in nearby words. This device creates a rhythmic and memorable quality to the phrase.

What famous phrase did highwayman say when they hijacked a carriage?

Stand and deliver.

What does tpt in texting stand for?

It can be a derogatory phrase such as trailer park trash.

What can EPS stand for?

One phrase with the acronym "EPS" is Encapsulated PostScript.