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What does the phrase safe harbor mean?

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It means people won't mess with you in that specified location.

In a legal sense, it refers to a situation where you are immune from liability. For example, if you withhold taxes from your paycheck equal to what you owed last year, then you are in a "safe harbor" from estimated tax penalties, even if you underpay.

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How can you write the phrase safe harbour in sentence?

Prior to a storm, small ships seek safe harbor.Safe harbor has come to mean a port in a storm.A police station is a safe harbor for a crime victim seeking help.

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What is a safe harbor?

A safe harbor is another name for a safe haven, a place of safety and refuge.

What is the opposite of harbor?

Harbor, a safe haven for ships - Car park, a safe haven for cars. Harbor, to give shelter to - Expose, to make know.

What does harbor mean?

what does harbor mean harbor means cool

What does the phrase safe as houses mean?

a house is built solidly of bricks and therefore is extremely safe. when investment in the railways turned sour in the 1850s, people returned to investing in bricks and mortar, hence the phrase 'safe as houses'.

Is it safe to be on a ship in the harbor?


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A harbor is a shipping area in a port, or metaphorically a safe place.

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What is safe harbor in Hebrew?

חוֹף מִבְטָחִים (chof mivtachim)

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i think its cause that were they feel safe. my cat for a example lays by me and sleeps above my head

What is a body of water surrounded by a dike that can provide safe anchorage and can permit the safe transfer of cargo and passengers?


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