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Without defect.

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Q: What does the phrase sine labe mean in english?
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What does sine labe mean?

Sine labe = Without defect.

What does labes mean?

Sine labe = Without defect.

What does the latin motto Sine Labe mean?

'without dishonor' or 'without blemish'.

What does the latin motto Sine Labe Decus mean?

honour without dishonour

What does the latin phrase vita sine mean?

without life

What does Sine Macula mean?

Without a blemish, spotless. In modern English "immaculate".

What is the language of the word sine die?

The phrase sine die is Latin. Its literal translation is "without a day" and is used in English language parliamentary functions to indicate a body will adjourn without specifying a day on which it will reconvene.

What is the Latin phrase for without warning?

The Latin equivalent of the English phrase 'without notice' 'is the following: sine promulgatione. The word 'sine' means 'without'. The word 'promulgatione' means 'a making publicly known, promulgation'. The Latin meaning therefore applies to situations in which changes may be made without informing the public or relevant parties.

What does sine qua non mean?

Sine qua non is a Latin phrase. Translated literally, it would be "without which not". A more idiomatic translation might be : "(that) without which it (can) not (be)."In English, it is used often as a quasi-noun. Examples: Water is a sine qua non to life. A tuxedo is a sine qua non to getting into a fancy restaurant.It is often used in the sense of "most essential requirement"

Meaning in English Sine quon non mean?

You have the spelling wrong. It's sine qua non. The term refers to an essential requisite element for a condition or event to be possible. Usage: "Trust is the sine qua non of longstanding business relationships."

What do you mean by sine dine?

Sine die means "indefinitely."

Cine qua non?

The Latin phrase 'cine qua non' has the meaning that something is essential. It also can mean that an action, condition, or ingredient is needed. The plural form of this phrase is 'sine qua nons'.