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"Time is of the essence" is a phrase used to emphasize that the actions described need to be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

This phrase requires a party to act within the time set forth in the document. Often if the party fails to act within the time prescribed, the other party has a recourse such as a fine per day of non-action or even voiding the contract.

If no time is prescribed or the time set forth is woefully inadequate, then the standard for a party to act is within a reasonable amount of time. This may seem like a vague term but it is surprising how often 100 people polled agree on what a reasonable time would be. The problem here arises when the parties can't agree on what is a reasonable time and the disagreement ends up with a judge deciding the matter.

In all matters involving real estate, be as specific as is possible. You need to ask a lawyer or real estate agent how much time certain acts will require, Include these time windows where appropriate and include the phrase "time is of the essence" so the time windows are enforceable.

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Q: What does the phrase time is of the essence mean?
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