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The Poem in the Outsiders, Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost pretty much means that nothing innocent lasts forever. When your young your gold or innocent everything is new to you and you still have something to live for

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What does the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay mean in the outsiders?

The poem means that satying young and beautiful cannot stay forever. Nothing Gold- nothing good.

Who wrote the poem in The Outsiders?

Robert frost

What is the poem that ponyboy recites in The Outsiders?

The poem is called 'nothing gold can stay' by Robert Frost.

What is the poem in The Outsiders that Ponyboy recited?

"Nothing gold can stay..."

Which movie was there a Robert Frost poem?

The Outsiders used Robert Frost's Poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay."

Why does Ponyboy remember the poem from The Outsiders?

Ponyboy remembers the poem because he's not sure what it means. The poem: Nothing Gold Can Stay, by:Robert Frost.

What books is the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay in besides the Outsiders?


Can someone write a poem about the outsiders with at least 16 lines?


How does the poem of The Outsiders symbolize johnny's short life in The Outsiders?

The poem means Noting gold can stay means noting bueatful can stay. he never had a long life and going out of town that was the only time he went out of his neighborhood

What poem did pony quote in the outsiders?

i believe it was nothing gold can stay by Robert frost

What does a gas mean in the outsiders?

What does A-gas mean?

What famous singer adapted the poem from the outsiders into a song for the movie?

Stevie wonder-stay gold :)))

In the book the outsiders what does the poem stay gold mean?

The poem Nothing Gold Can Stay means that a sunset is like youth or innocence. Only when the sunrise or sunset subsides to day or night, does the world lose this sense of innocence and is bathed in harshness and cruelness of the world.

What does lulu mean in this poem?

What poem?

Where is the setting in Robert Frost's poem Nothing gold can stay?

The setting that the poem had happened is on page 69 in the Outsiders book and it says about how Ponyboy Curtis recite the poem to Johnny Cade about it before he is actually curious about how he learned about that poem from as well.

What does gallant mean in The Outsiders?


What does cooler mean in The Outsiders?


What does lift mean in outsiders?


What does rarity mean in the outsiders?


What does to swipe mean in the outsiders?

to steal

What does the poem from outsiders mean?

Well, like Johnny said, '... I've been thinking about it, and that poem, that guy that wrote it, he meant you're gold when you're a kid, like green. When you're a kid everything's new, dawn. It's just when you get used to everything that it's day...'

What does heater mean in The Outsiders?

It means a gun

What does savvy mean in the book The Outsiders?


In The Outsiders what does heater mean?

Heater is a gun

What does lift in the outsiders novel mean?

Lift is something on a car. It makes a car or truck higher off the ground.