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by priests ford to the army

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I don't know the official answer, but would suggest these:* one or more gods (if there is no god involved, it is arguably not a religion)* a belief system, a set of interacting beliefs set in some sort of system* an infrastructure (like churches, priests)* believers* ceremonies (where believers meet and reaffirm their beliefs)

He believed in the religion of AMY IS THE BEST! in this religion the mystical 'Amy' is goddess of the land & sole ruler of the world. its a pretty awesome religion - i suggest you join

Scientology - Tom Cruise's chosen religion . . . I suggest you check out the South Park episode!

One is to stop the practice of giving money to priests in trade for God's forgiveness (indulgences).

Indeed they did. Every civilisation used some form of calendar. There is ample evidence to suggest primitive calendars pre-date civilisation

Religion and Politics were closely intertwined

I would suggest you try to convince them with logical arguments.

As his name would suggest, he and sister Caitlin are indeed Christians.

The earliest records would suggest the Romans brought the religion to Britain.

without auxiliary verb the sentences can not be completed and does not suggest the tens.

Hinduism is very Ancient Religion, more than 10000 years ols. Some Mythology suggest that Hinduism is more than 1 million year old Religion.

The Shinto religion came from Japan, meaning it would be uniquely from Japan in a sense. For more about the Shinto religion, I suggest you go to one of these links.

This isn't chemistry, please look somewhere else (I would suggest religion)

i'm sorry i do not know - can i suggest you the cambridge latin course website

None, I'd suggest. Can't think of any reasonable thing.What is the relevance of this question.

Short answer: he was starting to suggest that certains aspects of life were not explained by religion, but by science.

If you want to ask questions about the "following", then I suggest that you make sure that there is something that is following.

Algae is an important organism to both freshwater and marine ecosystem... for it is the primary food of fishes...

A:We don't know where the first religion was found or by who. It can go back to the stone ages.A:It is IGNORANCE that lead us into answering this way. "Where the first religion was found or by who?" I suggest you ponder over this verse, then you will know the answer: 2 Corinthians 1:1.To the one above who must've misunderstood the question; they ask for religion, not a specific religion and Christianity is a very young religion. There were many before that.

I would suggest you follow a religion if you really believe in it. Note that some religions don't believe in gods; for example, I heard that some branches of Buddhism don't. But if some religion has beliefs that you don't share, I don't really see the point of following such a religion.

The belief that science and religion may suggest fruitful analogies for one another in method or even content.

There are lot of websites that would suggest baby names basis your religion, origin region, etc.

It is debated- some say he is Jewish, but he wrote a book called 'Peace Be Upon You', which would suggest he is Muslim.

The band does not state anything about their view of religion and their texts do not suggest they are or are not Christian either.

"Religion" is what you believe... When the child is born, it can't really decide what it believes. After it reaches a certain age, I suggest you let it make up its own mind about its beliefs.

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