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Means that there are no signs of disease that can be seen on x-ray anyhow.

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Q: What does the results no active disease of a chest xray mean?
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What does the medical abbreviation CXR NAD mean?

Chest X-Ray- No Active DiseaseCXR: Chest X-RayNAD: No Active Disease

Crohns is in remission what does this mean?

Remission is the time when the disease is not active. Symptoms are not usually apparent or causing problems and the Crohns disease patient feels well.

My Chest X Ray came back with abnormal results Dr recommended a Echocardiogram what does this mean?

Possibly a heart valve malfunction.

In which part of your body can you get cavities?

You have normal cavities in your body: chest cavity, pelvic cavity, brain cavity. If you mean teeth, those are caused by disease.

What does it mean when chest feels tight?

When your chest feels tight, it can be a symptom of different medical conditions, such as asthma, ischemic heart disease, and anxiety. Because it can be related to heart problems, a person should see a doctor if he experiences this symptom.

Can you get pains in your chest and heart area from wind or acid?

I dont know what you mean by wind or acid... but most often pains in the chest signal an impending heart attack or GERD.... gastroesophageal reflux disease..... big word for excessive heartburn.

Do people infected with TB always get the disease?

Infection does not always mean disease; in fact, it usually does not. At least nine of ten patients who harbor M. tuberculosis do not develop symptoms or physical evidence of active disease, and their x-rays remain negative.

What does it mean when hiv test results say active?

Actually, it is reactive. That means that the patient is preliminarily positive, and a second test should be done for confirmation.

What does it mean for a rabbit to have a pigeon chest?

A narrow chest with a protruding V-shaped chest bone.

You have chest pain and pressure very winded --what does this mean?

Chest pain and pressure very winded - what does this mean?

What does chest of a bird mean?

exactly what it sounds like, the chest of a bird

What does Eos lab testing mean?

EOS stands for Eosinophil. Eosonophil is a type of White Blood Cell. Eos become active when there is an allergy or disease in you body.