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Q: What does the rusher do in flag football?
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How do you slow down the pass rush in 7on7 flag football?

extra blockers, chip block with a reciever (have reciever run a route in front of the rusher

Who is the leader rusher in the National Football league?

emmit smith

All time leading rusher for divioson 1 football?

The title of all time leading rusher in Division I football is a prestigious one. It is currently held by Ron Dayne from Wisconsin.

How do you spell rusher?

That is the correct spelling rusher for someone who rushes (as in US football).The proper noun, the large Eurasian country, is Russia.

What is rusher?

a rusher for any football league is someone who carries the ball from behind the line of and passes it to gain yardage.rushers are also called runningbacks or quarterbacks

Who is sc gamecocks football all time leading rusher?

George Rogers

How do you figure the rushing yard average in a football game?

You find out how many rushing yards the rusher had in total; then you divide that by how many times the rusher got the ball.

A type of football game that does not involve tackling?

Flag football or touch football

Who was the leading rusher for the Detroit Heralds in 1920?

Who is the all time leading rusher college football SEC history?

Herschal Walker

Who is the second all time leading rusher in the national football league?

Walter Payton

Who is the current leading rusher in football for 2009?

Either Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson.