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the skinhead culture has to do with Jamaica because the first skinhead gang formed there, and every person in it was black. there is 4 different types of skinheads. trads, sharps, neo-Nazis, and commis.

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Q: What does the skinhead culture have to do with Jamaica?
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What Country where skinheads began?

the first skinhead gang formed in jamaica.

What does the word trad mean?

A skinhead who is not racist, nor vehemently anti-racist, but is apolitical and interested only in "traditional" skinhead music and culture.

What is the culture in Jamaica?

yes it is Jamaica's culture 91.2% are black & 6.2% are of mixed culture

If someone said they were going to punk you down what would that mean?

It probably means to beat someone down, perhaps in a group. It could be a reference to the skinhead "boot party," since skinhead culture and punk culture share a lot in common.

What are the release dates for Culture Trek Jamaica - 2002?

Culture Trek Jamaica - 2002 was released on: USA: 12 November 2002

Who wrote the book Skinhead?

Nick Knight is the author of Skinhead

What does rudeboy mean?

rude boy is a term associated with the skinhead/mod culture. see ska, reggae, roots and musical genres for more information.

When was Skinhead Girl created?

Skinhead Girl was created on 2000-10-17.

Is Jamaica a low context culture?

Lol you're screwed.

What is cultural about Jamaica?

the music. Jamaica specialises in Reggae. The culture is quite strict and the religion in mainly christian, catholic or Rastafari.

Who is the minister of youth culture and sports in Jamaica?

portia simpson miller

What instruments has a skinhead?

Most kinds of drums have a skinhead ha the vibrating surface that makes the sound.