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page 54 "debate: America should have closed her borders in 1900."

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Q: What does the social studies class debate in the book speak?
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What does the social studies class debate in the book speak..pages 49-68?

Without specific information about which book you are referring to, it is impossible to provide a precise answer about the topics debated in the social studies class on pages 49-68. However, typically, social studies classes debate various historical, cultural, economic, and political topics, such as the impact of colonization, civil rights movements, globalization, or current events.

Who is Mr Neck in the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson?

Melinda's social studies teacher.

How do social networking sites benefit social life?

I have a debate on Monday and I am speaking on how do social networking websites benefit out social life. Please give me some good points on how do they benefit us. Make sure that it's only about social life. Also, since it's a debate, my *opponent will speak* on how do social networks spoil our social life. So what are some good points which my *opponent* will tell? How can I oppose his points.

What is the name of Melinda's school in Speak?

Biology, Social Studies, Algebra, English, Spanish, Gym, Art.

Based on your knowledge of social studies which of the following came to be valued more highly as a result of Enlightenment thinking?

the right of individuals to speak freely and not be censored

What advice does david petrakis give melinda about speaking up...why in the book speak?

He stood up for what he believed in during the debate about immigration in Mr Neck's class.

Who is mr neck in the book speak by Anderson?

Mr. Neck is the coach who is apparently in charge of hall duty between classes and who also teaches in the Social Studies Department. He gives Melinda Sorvino an assignment to write a paper and present it in front of the class when she asks for a way to pull up her grade; she refuses to present after writing the paper and her classmate presents it for her in protest. Neck is a minor, static, flat character meant to reflect Melinda's resentment.

Who would most likely speak in formal debate?

someone running for president

Who would most likely speak in a formal debate?

someone running for president

How long did the Lincoln Douglas debates last?

There were seven debates between Lincoln and Douglas. The rules for each debate would be the same. One man would speak for an hour. His opponent would speak for an hour and a half. Then the first man would speak for half an hour and the debate would end. Douglas spoke first at the first debate.

What language does a working class family speak?

That depends entirely on what country the working class family lives in. For example, Working class families in Iceland speak Icelandic.

What is an good adverb for speak?

Loudly is a good adverb for speak, i.e. "In class, Isabelle tends to speak loudly"