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On international teams the star represents the number of world cups the country has won.

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Q: What does the star above the crest on soccer jerseys represent?
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What do stars mean above the crest on soccer club jerseys?

The number of world cups

What do the 3 stars on the Slovenian crest represent?

thay represent culture

What is the logo of England of soccer?

England's international soccer logo is three blue lions, sat above each other on a white background. A solitary gold star sits above the crest, representing the one time England won the World Cup in 1966.

How do you differ original soccer shirt from the fake one?

There are a few ways you can differ an original and a fake shirt. All original Adidas things have the 'i' connected to the logo and most jerseys of nike and adidas have a phrase/ word written in the back of the crest

What does the crest on the flag of Spain represent?

the coat of arms

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What is Italy's soccer teams home colors?

A plain blue shirt with the crest on the top left.

What is Slovenia seal?

Blue crest, on two bottom sides circled by a red line, on the crest white emblem of three mountain peaks that represent mount Triglav, highest mountain in Slovenia. The bottom of the white field is broken with two wavy blue lines, that represent rivers and sea, and above the mountain peak, three sixpointed golden stars form a downturned triangle. These stars are taken from the crest fo the counts of Cilia, an important medieval family from Slovenia. See it at the related link below.

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What do the stars that some clubs have started putting above their club crest on their shirts represent?

International teams have the stars to represent how many WORLD CUPS they have won. Domestic teams also have stars when playing in the European Champions League. Again representing the number of times they have won the cup.

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