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What does the state governor do?

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The Governor is the titular head of the Executive Branch of the state government.

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Who is second to the governor of the state?

The Second to the governor of state is the Lieutenant Governor.

What is Washingtons state governor?

The governor of Washington state is Governor Chris Gregoire.

Who is in charge of your state?

The Governor. A governor is in charge of our state.

Who is maine's state governor?

As of June the Governor for the state of Maine is Paul LePage. He is a Republican and the 74th Governor for the state.

What is the proper title for a US state governor?

Governor of the State of .... In an address, Governor John B. Jones In person, Governor

When is the governor of Michigan state of the state address in 2010?

When is the governor of Michigan State of the state address in 2010?

Who was the 33rd governor of Alaska?

The current Governor, Sean Parnell, of the State of Alaska is the 12th State Governor.

Is there a Lt Governor in every state?

Is there a lt governor in every state

What is New Jersey's state governor?

what is new jerseys state governor

Who is your fl state Governor?

As of the Governor for the state of Florida is Rick Scott. He was elected into office in 2011 and is the 45th Governor in the state.

Who is the current governor of washiton state?

Ed Rendell is governor of Pennsylvania Christine Gregoire is Governor of the State of WASHINGTON

How do you request clemency from the state governor?

How does one request clemency from the state Governor?

Does the governor of a state have to be a man?

No, for example I live in Washington state which has a woman governor.

Who is Queensland's state governor?

Queensland's state governor in 2013 is Penelope Wensley.

Who is the chief executive of the state?

The governorThe Governor

Who is the head of the state government?


What level is a governor on?

The governor is on the state level.

What is the salary of the governor?

The salary of state governors differs from state to state. The governor of California receives $250,000. The governor of New Hampshire receives $40,000.

What is the difference between governor and lieutenant governor?

The Governor of a State is the head of the executive in that state while the Lieutenant Governor has to be ready to take control if the Governor dies, resigns, or is impeached.

Who is the governor of India in 2011?

There is no governor in India, but each state have governor

Who assists the governor in running the state?

The Lt. Governor, or Lieutenant Governor.

Who is the state governor of New York City?

New York City is a city, not a state, and does not have a state governor.

How many governors do each state in the US have?

One governor for each state.

Who was the first governor of Minnesota?

First Territorial Governor: Alexander Ramsey (also second State Governor) First State Governor: Henry Sibley in 1858.

Does a governor represent the queen in each state?

Yes, each state has its own governor.