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The strangler fig tree climbs its way around the host tree competing with it for nutrients and sunlight. Eventually it will cover the host tree fully and the host tree will die. The strangler fig tree will end up hollow.

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Q: What does the strangler fig do to the tree?
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What does a strangler fig do?

the strangler fig climbs onto another tree and strangles it until it dies and then the fig is attached to the dead tree

How does a strangler fig kill a tree?

It climbs up it using its roots to get to sunlight in the canopy. Eventually the strangler fig tree will strangle the host tree to death and only the hollow strangler fig will be left.

What animal eats strangler fig?

A big tree can eat an strangler figs

How do you kill a strangler fig tree?

You burn it

What is a Strangler Fig?

A strangler fig is a vine that raps itself around a tree, the host tree, and takes the resources the tree would normally take therefore killing the tree.

What is strangler fig?

A strangler fig is a vine that raps itself around a tree, the host tree, and takes the resources the tree would normally take therefore killing the tree.

How does a strangler fig adapt to its habitat?

It sucks up the nutrients from the tree that it is clinging to and that's how the strangler fig stays alive.

What does a strangler fig look like?

The strangler fig's bark is very light. It looks like a vine clinging to another tree.

Why are strangler figs called the strangler fig?

beacause it raps around the tree or plant.So it looks like a strangler

Can strangler fig tree kill some one?


Why is the strangler fig called a stranglers?

Because it strangles a tree.

What kind of tree is used to make us paper money?

Strangler Fig Tree

What eats a strangler fig tree?

ghost bats and howler monkeys

What is the strangler fig used for?

THE Strangler fig is used to track down stranglers

What are some features of a strangler fig?

the strangler fig has gray branches with tips

What are some flora adaptations in the rain forest?

Strangler Fig- seed is planted in canopies. When strangler fig is growing it wraps it's around its host tree (the tree it was planted on) and deprives it from light, rain and nutrients.

How do crocodiles use plants?

they use decaying strangler fig tree leaves for their nests

What abiotic factors would a parasitic strangler fig and it's host tree compete for?

The strangler competes with the host for water, nutrients, and sunlight.

What organisms is the most harmful to the tree it grows on?

Strangler fig. complements kyle smolinski :D

Which abiotic factors would a parasitic strangler fig and its host tree compete for?

i dont know

What are some Adaptations of a strangler fig tree?

The strangler fig tree have many adaptations one being that the strangler figs start their lives off as epiphytes, plants that do not root in the soil in their first stages of life, as at the ground level of the rainforest there is little light and a huge amount of competition for water and nutrients meaning that the majority of plants that start off on the ground have to adapt or die. The strangler fig has adapted by using other trees to get itself into the canopy where it is lighter. Once the strangler fig sprouts roots, it begins to use them to strangle the tree. as well as this it competes with the host tree for nuitrients and water, then the strangler fig has a large growth spurt, and once it begins to grow leaves they are very large and they tend to cover those of the host plant. The Strangler fig uses alot of these adaptations to become able to grow into a strong healthy plant.

Why do scientists call a tree a strangler fig?

I can't quite remember, but until there is a better answer, I was pretty sure it was a somewhat parasitic tree that strangled the tree it was growing on. It sprouted on the tree, and then sent down roots, smothering the tree with the strangler fig branches and roots and leaves. I think. I hope someone can give a better answer...

What two organisms in the tropical rain forest parasitism?

there are many answers to this but i only have one and it is a strangler fig on the branches of a tree and then the strangler fig eventually sprout aerial roots . overtime, many roots may grow and then will wrap around the tree resulting in death of the tree.

How is a strangler fig tree pollinated?

The seed is carried by a bird or wasp then it is dropped on the ground and starts growing.

Is a strangler fig a vascular plant?


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