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Q: What does the strip on the America flag mean?
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What does the 13 colonies flag mean?

it mean every strip goes for every colonies like the star does

What does the white on the America flag mean?

The white on the American flag means peace.

What does a red flag with a diagonal whit strip mean?

It means that diving or snorkeling activities are going on.

What does the bear mean in the America flag?

The American flag does not have a bear. It is stars and stripes, no animals.

What does the flag mean to America?

there are recongized as a independent country

Do the stars on the flag mean?

The 50 states of America.

What does the South American flag mean?

South America is a continent that consists of many countries. As such it doesn't have one flag.

What was the color of the Austro-Hungarian flag?

The Austro-Hungarian flag had a strip of red at the top, then a strip of white, then another strip cut in half with red on the left side and green on the right side.

What did Amerigo Vespucci's flag look like?

3 rectangle, on top of each other, the midle rectangle is yellow the others red. the spanish flag has got a red strip and then a yellow strip (2 times the width of the red strip) and then another red strip. It has the spanish coat of arms in the middle left of the flag

What does the colours on the US flag mean?

i think it means America is free from the wars

What do the strips on your flag mean?

the thirteen stripes represents the thirteen colonies of america

What does the strip on the flag represent?

the 13 orignial colonies