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Q: What does the surface do to produce a sound?
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How does sound produce an echo?

to produce an echo, the sound wave bounces off a surface and then comes back

What happens when metal strikes a hard surface?

i thing it produces sound?

For a sound wave to produce an echo it must?

It must reflect off the surface of an object

What sound dum produce?

what sound does drum produce

How do vibrations produce sound waves?

sound waves dont produce vibrations, vibrations are sound waves.

Does sound produce waves?

Yes sound does produce waves. These special waves are called sound waves.

How does the double bass produce it's sound?

if you plunk it with your fingers you produce sound

What types surface produce less fraction?

what types of surface produce less fraction

What surface processes produce surface formations?


What surface processes produce surface formation?


Does a reflection bounce off of a sound waves surface once the sound waves hit the surface?


What sound is produce by a descant recorder?

a high sound