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Q: What does the symbols on the haiti coat of armor mean?
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What do the symbols on the Cooke coat of arms mean?

There are many symbols that you may see on a Cooke coat of arms. There are animals and colors that all represent many different feelings and emotions.

What does the Yukon Territories' coat of arms mean?

The coat of arms of the Yukon Territories include symbols for the province's mountains and its gold. There is an Alaskan malamute at the top of the coat of arms.

What do the symbols on the coat of arms mean?

Each is different. This question cannot be answered without a detailed description of the Coat of Arms, or its name and reference to an image of it.

What do the symbols mean on the cheltenham coat of arms?

The symbols on the Cheltenham coat of arms include three golden sheaves of wheat representing fertile fields and Pennsylvania's wealth of human action. The ship symbolizes the country's rich natural resources.

What do the symbols mean on the coat of arms for British Columbia?

the lions name is union jack and it means alot of courage

What do the South African coat of arms symbols mean?

The coat of arms in South Africa means diverse people unite. The coat of arms was adopted on April 27, 2000, which was Freedom Day in South Africa.

What does the picture on the Haiti flag mean?

The Haiti flag features two blue horizontal bands symbolizing unity of black and mulatto Haitians. The middle white band represents Haiti's future and hope for the country's progress. The Coat of Arms on the flag showcases a palm tree and the Cap of Liberty, signifying independence and freedom.

What do the symbols and colors mean on the Maryland state flag?

The flag of Maryland is based on the coat of arms of Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore, who was given the colony in 1632

Does the word haiti mean hell?

No, the word "Haiti" does not mean "hell." "Haiti" is the name of a country in the Caribbean, situated on the island of Hispaniola.

Does Minmi mean no armor?

No armor as in no teeth? No. No armor as in no spikes and no tail club? Yes!

What does anorak mean?

A coat A coat

What does yellow mean on a coat of arms?