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What does the term ATM stand for?

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Automated Teller Machine

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For what do the initials ATM stand?

In chemistry, ATM stands for atmosphere.

What does ATM in chemistry stand for?

ATM stands for atmosphere, such as in atmospheric pressure.

What does ATM stand for in the banking system in India?

ATM- Automated Teller Machine

Barclays banking abbreviations what does DWL stand for?

what does ATM stand for

What does ATM stand for on Facebook?

At the moment

What does ATM stand for in science?


What type of business is a bank?

ATM stand for?

What does ATM stand for in text talk?

At The Moment

What does the stateboard brand ATM stand for?

Same thing as a real ATM machineAutomativeTellerMachine something like that

What does cash bnkm stand for?

You might have withdrawn cash from an ATM ( with some extra charge) !

ATM full name?

The full abbreviation of the term "ATM" is Automatic Teller Machine.

What does ATM card stand for?

automatic teller machine

What does ATM stand for in science relating to pressure?

ATM stands for standard Atmosphere. The standard atmospheric pressure on Earth

What does ATM skateboarding brands stand for?

automatic teller machine

What is the common shape of an ATM?

ATM Machines are usually shaped rectangular if a stand alone and square to a rectangle if fixed or inbuilt.

What does the abbreviation ATM stand for in pressure cooker?

A-at T-the M-moment

What does ATM stand for?

The money meaning of ATM is Automated Teller Machine.When ATM is used in casual conversation it normally means : At The Moment(for sort)

What does the abbreviation ATM stand for in chemistry?

In chemistry, as well as in many other fields, the abbreviation "atm" stands for "atmosphere." The unit atmosphere has a torr of 760.

What does the abbreviation ATM on a waterproof watch stand for?

ATM is the depth by which water resistance is measured on a watch. ATM stands for Atmospheres. 1 atmosphere is equivalent to appx. 33 feet depth in water. So if a watch is 3 ATM = 100 ft. water resistant.

What does ATM mean?

atm means at the moment. It can also stand for Facebook ATM, found at http:// It's a program that helps people add 1000s of Facebook Fans in less than an hour. It's great if you've been trying to make money with Facebook, but with no luck. Copy and paste the link for free videos.

You want to know sbi ATM term no-s1an20003901 from which branch and city?

Osmanabab osmanabad

What term refers to a temperature of 0 C and a pressure of 1 ATM?

standard temperature and pressure

What is a ATM charge?

An ATM charge is when you are using an ATM that is not the ATM of your bank' company. Therefore, they charge you for it

How do you transfer money ATM to ATM?

You draw the money from the first ATM, then you walk/crawl/fly/swim to the other ATM and deposit it into that ATM.

What does ATM RFD mean?

The words ATM RFD on a bank statement have to do with ATM machine use. ATM RFD means ATM refund.

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