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Q: What does the term Carolingian mean?
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What Frankish ruler is associated with the Carolingian Renaissance?

The Carolingian rulers Charlemagne and Louis the Pious are the rulers associated with the Carolingian Renaissance.

The king of franceLothiar is a member of what dynasty?

Carolingian Dynasty

Did Charlemagne find the Carolingian Empire?

No, Charlemagne founded the Carolingian Empire.

What Frankish leaders were of the Carolingian dynasty?

Clovis. Source >> !!

Who was king during the Carolingian Renaissance?

The king during the Carolingian Renaissance was called Charlemagne.

When did the Carolingian Reign start?

The Carolingian or Carlovingian Reign started in 751, with Pippin the Elder. It lasted until 911 in Germany and 987 in France.

What were Carolingian monks known for?

The Carolingian Monks were known for living on their own, not in groups. Carolingian Monks lived a life of solitary, traveling from one village to another to give wisdom and insight.

Which frankish king ruled the carolingian renaissance?

Charlemagne was the frankish king that ruled during The Carolingian Renaissance.

Who gave birth to carolingian?

"Carolingian" is not a name of a person but of a Frankish dynasty that includes Charles Martel and Charlemange.

Who succeded the last carolingian king?

Hugh Capet succeeded the last carolingian king.

What was the comitatus?

what was the Carolingian Renaissance

Carolingian renaissance occurred with which frankish ruler?

The Carolingian Renaissance peaked during the reigns of Charlemagne and Louis the Pious.