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Q: What does the term GURU have to do with smarties?
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How many smarties in a packet?

there a 15 in a smarties in a smarties packet

What are words that describe smarties?


What is smarties slogan?

"Only Smarties Have the Answer."

Are red smarties halal?

is smarties halal

When was Smarties created?

Smarties was created in 1882.

How many smarties are in an original box of smarties?


How many smarties can fit in a jars?

1724 smarties

Why do they call smarties smarties if smarties don't make you smart?

It is just a catchy name for the candy bar.

Why smarties dissolve faster in sprite?

smarties are made out of powder

Where does smarties come from?

Smarties were first introduced in the UK in 1937.

Can rats have smarties?

Sure. My rat eats smarties as treats.

What are Canadian smarties?

Canadian Smarties are candy coated chocolates.

Why do they call smarties smarties?

Because your smart if you eat one.

Can you freeze smarties?

It shouldn't hurt Smarties to be stored in the freezer.

What are smarties?

Smarties, are a popular chocolate. They are round in shape and are multicoloured. They are not smart people as some people think. Now, they also have smarties in an icecream.

Who invented smoking smarties?

Not just 'one person' invented smoking smarties. It was many people, they do it as a fad. It doesn't only have to be smarties, either.

How many smarties are in a roll of smarties?

(So far it is 17 smarties.) actually i think its like 19, or 20 you might have counted wrong.

What is Smarties Candy Company's population?

Smarties Candy Company's population is 120.

When was Smarties Candy Company created?

Smarties Candy Company was created in 1949.

What are knowledge workers?

A term coined by the late management guru Peter Drucker.

Which leadership guru coined the term 'transformational leadership'?

James MacGregor Burns

Are smarties good for you?


Are Smarties Canadian?

Yes, the company that make them are Nestle, and they are Canadian so smarties are too.

What is the world record for eating the most smarties in a minute?


How many Weight Watchers points in smarties?

Smarties are 2 points for 4 rolls.