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What does the term budda mean?

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Sanskrit for "Awakened"...meaning a Buddha is one who is Awake. When you see "The Buddha", they are referring to the historical founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha. ~ Eric Putkonen

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What song goes ba dum dum dum ba dum dum dum?

That's the refrain of "Old McDonald had a Farm". It continues: "budda dum, budda dum, budda budda dum dum".

Where do pligrims go?

They go to see the emreld budda and such. They go to see the emreld budda and such.

What is the meaning of the Telugu word budda digadam?

Enlargement of Testicles is called "budda digadam"

Is there a female budda?


What is the iban code of sbi imphal?

Budda Budda Ding Ding Ching Chong Chang

How do you spell Budda?

As in a plant, purse or beetle: BuddaAs in a jolly fat idol or illegal drugs: Buddha

Where did the budda live?

Budda lived in Nepal a small country in Asia in near India in a place called lumbini. However most people say that budda was born in India and he was hindusium. Which is not ture.

Who was the first budda?


What rhymes with Gudda?


Who is known as Budda?

the Buddhism

What rhymes with budda?


What does to cut off your trade with all parts of the world mean?

Budda wai do you want to know teh answer dood

Who is the father of Alexander the great?


Where was Budda born?

Lumbini, Nepal

Who are the prophets of buddism?

The Budda and his followers

Why was budda significant?

because of u

Who grew up with budda?

his father

Who do Buddhist monks believe in?


Where is the budda born?

Limbuni, Nepal

Was Budda born a Hindu?

No. According to ancient history scientists belive budda was born from Hindu not in Hindu because Hindu is also a religion

How do you spell the sound made by a machine gun?

The actual English word used is "chatter", and the comic sound effect can be such spellings as "rat-a-tat-tat", "bruppa-bruppa", "brup-bup-bup", or "budda-budda-budda" (sometimes buda-buda).

Kamthaka was who's horse?

Gautam Budda

Who is the founder of buddism?

Budda is the founder of Buddism.

When was Budda born?

480-400 b.C.

Who do Chinese monks pray to?

They pray to Budda