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Specular refers to a mirror image or looking into a mirror. When referring to beauty, it can mean looking into a reflection.

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What is specular id number in Dragon Fable?

you mean sepulchure? lol, you cant, for the simple reason there isn't one.

Beauty spot on your hand what does it mean?

what does it mean to have a beauty spot on your hand

What does perception of beauty mean?

The appearance of beauty to you.

What does aesthestic mean?

concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty

What do you mean by kid beauty queen?

Kid beauty queen

What is mean by beauty is truth and truth is beauty?

It means that the are one.

What does it mean to have perception of beauty?

It means that you can recognize beauty when you see it.

What is 800 meters in american metric system?

The beauty of the metric system is that it is the same in every country. If you mean what is 800 metres in old fashioned yards, its 874.9 yards.

What does it mean to have inner beauty?

Your inner beauty is the beauty of your personality and what is on the inside... kinda cheesy, but w/e

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What does Simmeran mean?

Hi pplz. You are looking for an answer than look at this one."What does the name simmeran mean" The answer is it means a fat beauty the continuely becomes more fat. so it means fat princess

When you have a beauty spot on your ear does it mean that you are smart?

Doesn't mean much either way. The only thing having a beauty spot tells you is that you have a beauty spot on the ear.

What does naomy mean?

it mean beauty and love in french

When a guy says your out there what does he mean?

It can mean you are the beauty that he wants you to be with him.

What does caelen mean?

a princess or beauty

What does the name yuko mean?


What does belleza mean in English?


What does the name beneatha mean?


What does kaitlynn mean?

it means beauty

What does ziemlich mean?

Beauty, flawless.

What does Schönheit mean?

Schönheit = beauty

What does melinda mean in spanish?


What does shelby mean in greek?


What does mayumi mean in English?

True bow true gentle beauty reason beauty

4301.85GHZ mean on system properties?

I assume you mean Mhz. Depending on where in sys properties you are looking at, this number refers to the CPU clock frequency.

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