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Q: What does the thrust push against in a jet engine?
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What is the force that moves a plane forward?

Thrust. The pull of the propellers, the push of the jet engine, the pull of gravity.

What moves an airplane forward?

thrust from turbines or the pul from propellas

How do jet engines provide a forward thrust to for an airplane?

The thrust is given by the difference in the velocity of air coming into the jet engine and going out of the jet engine, Thrust = F= mdV/dt = ma.

What is thrust in an aircraft?

Thrust is the power made by a jet engine to propel an aircraft.

How thrust is increased in jet engine?

AfterburnersWater Injection

How does the jet on a jet plane makes the plane move?

The exhaust gases from combustion create thrust which pushed the plane in the other direction

What is the difference between a jet plane and a propeller?

A jet plane uses a jet engine's thrust for propulsion. A propeller is a set of blades somewhat like a big fan that blows air to the back of the plane for thrust instead of using a jet engine for the thrust to move the plane forward.

What is the total trust in gas turbin engine?

You must mean 'Thrust' . The thrust is the amount of power the jet engine supplies.

How does an airplane get its thrust?

An aircraft gets thrust from an engine, either a piston engine driving a propeller or a jet driving a turbine.

How do airplanes generate thrust?

With an engine--either prop or jet.

What does the engine on an airplane do?

They propel the aircraft by propellers or jet thrust.

Can you rev a jet engine without producing thrust?

No. Propeller aircraft however can adjust their props to a neutral position, allowing for no forward or reverse thrust. Jet engine blades are fixed.