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Q: What does the time taken for a simple pendulum to swing to and fro in one cycle call?
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What will happen to time period of simple pendulum if taken to satellite?

A simple pendulum will not swing when it's aboard a satellite in orbit. While in orbit, the satellite and everything in it are falling, which produces a state of apparent zero gravity, and pendula don't swing without gravity.

If pendulum is made to swing in water compare the time taken for this pendulum to come to a complete stop with the time taken by a pendulum swinging in air?

The pendulum will take more time in air to stop completely in comparision with water

What are the two precautions taken to ensure accurate results in simple pendulum experiment?

if you are conducting the experiment under a fan, switch off the fan to avoid your pendulum bob to swing in different degree. #stainless

Does the distance a pendulum travels decrease with each arc?

if by arc you mean the "Period" of the pendulum then yes, it does: with each revolution the period of the pendulum (the time taken to swing back and forth once) does decrease.

Time period of simple pendulum is three seconds the same pendulum taken at the moon - what will be its new time period?

This pendulum, which is 2.24m in length, would have a period of 7.36 seconds on the moon.

What is a Froude pendulum?

A Froude pendulum is a simple pendulum suspended in a rotating shaft (taken from: VIBRATION OF EXTERNALLY-FORCED FROUDE PENDULUM, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, Vol. 9, No. 3 (1999) 561-570)

What is the period of a pendulum that takes 3 seconds to move forward and another 3 seconds to come back'?

The period is the time taken to complete one cycle. In this case it would be three seconds. The frequency of the swing is the inverse of the period. 1/3Hz

How does the mass of pendulum affect its period?

well, you could simply pull it away from its centre of equilibrium (the point where the pendulum is when its stationary), and release it. Then you just count how many seconds it takes to make one complete oscillation. Note, one oscillation isn't the time for the pendulum to swing to the other side, but is the time taken for the pendulum to return to the side it was initially released from.Note: the greater the angle of the swing, the greater the speed with which the pendulum will swing, but in the absence of air resistance, the period should remain the same with the same pendulum, and because air resistance is all around us, when we move through the air, and is proportional to the speed squared, this will begin to effect the result, by slowing down the pendulum. Therefore a pendulum only obeys SHM for smaller displacements from the point of central equilibrium, or another way of putting that is for smaller angles of pendulum displacment.

How does the length of the pendulum effect the pendulum?

The longer the length of the pendulum, the longer the time taken for the pendulum to complete 1 oscillation.

If a pendulum is made to swing in water compare the time taken for this pendulum to come to a complete stop with the time taken by a pendulum swinging in air?

A swinging pendulum encounters "friction" called drag in air. It will do so in water, too. It's just that the viscosity of the air is so much less than that of water, so the pendulum moves with a ton more drag in water. It will move much more slowly in water, and will come to a stop dramatically sooner than an identical pendulum swung in air.

When a pendulum clock is taken from sea level to the top of a high mountain it will?

..weigh less and the pendulum will swing at a slower rate. It might become more valuable (high mountain areas have less access to fine clocks than many sea level communities).

Why do people add pennies to big ben?

by adding pennies , it changes the time taken for the oscillations of a pendulum ( for it to swing back and forth ) . This can be adjusted by adding more pennies to the top, which makes the length of the pendulum shorter and thus swinging faster. However , if you want the pendulum to go at a slower rate , then you would add pennies to the bottom.