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Nothing...just a decoration.

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Q: What does the white diamond mean on a model 1100?
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What is meaning of the 1100 Remington 12 gauge what does the 1100 mean?

The 1100 designation for a Remington shotgun is the model number. Remington makes the 1100 model in a trap version and a field version.

What does the Remington model 1100 sn L679242V mean?

Doesn't mean anything other then it's a model 1100.The serial won't help you unless you call Remington but It's date stamped on the barrel. Check the Remington Society of America's manufactured date link for details.

What does 14knw mean on a Diamond ring?

14K nickel white

What does a diamond with I-J mean?

The initials I-J indicate colour when describing a 'white' diamond, and indicate the diamond is slightly yellow.

What does a white diamond shaped symbol on the road mean?

carpool lane

What colour is a diamond crystal?

If you mean as a raw material then it is white and kinda yellowish.If you mean not raw it is like a mirror white(these are the ones on the rings)

What does a black diamond symbolize?

what does a white snake with black diamonds on the back mean

How do you write 1100 as numeral?

Exactly as it is 1100 but if you mean in Roman numerals then it is MC

What does a White buoy with orange bands and an orange diamond mean?

A white buoy with orange bands and an orange diamond is a hazard buoy. Watch out for shoals, rocks, fallen trees, construction, or other hazards.

What is the average of these numbers 175 550 750 1100?

Mean average of 175, 550, 750 & 1100 (175+550+750+1100)/4 = 643.75

How many pounds is 1100 gr?

Not sure if you mean grains or grams, but 1100 grains is 0.157 142 857 14lbs and 1100 grams is 2.425 084 884lbs

What does a white diamond sign mean?

Diamond shaped traffic signs signify both permanent and temporary hazards. A white diamond sign may be used for indicating the order in which vehicles should pass intersection points. A white diamond painted on the road surface marks reserved lanes, high occupancy vehicle (HOV). Commonly these lanes will be accompanied by a rectangular sign with a white diamond on a black background by the side of or above the road. On shipping containers, white diamond hazmat signs are used to indicate the health hazard, flammability hazard, instability hazard, and special hazard categories of the contents.

What does HDS FD stamp on a white gold ring mean?

The letters F.D. mean Fascinating Diamonds. The HDS stands for Helzberg Diamond Symphonies.

What does Ef mean in diamond grading or colouring?

The indicator E-F in diamond grading may indicate a colour range for a white diamond. It is in the most desirable range, also known as colourless. You can review the colour range, below.

What is the mean of 45600 2000 1500 1100 400?


What does commercial diamond mean?

Commercial diamond is diamond sold for money.

What does a pink diamond tattoo mean?

a pink diamond tattoo mean love.

What does hg mean stamp on gold diamond necklace?

I have a white gold ring stamped 750 HG with a diamond. The dimond is real. I filed the ring shank and it still tested 18kt. gold

What is the technical number for mean look in Pokemon Diamond?

There is no Mean Look TM in diamond

How many hundreds are in one ten thousand?

if you mean 110000 then 1100 if you mean 10000 then 1000

What does the stamp SB14K mean on a white gold diamond band ring... What does the SB stamp stand for?

The SB is an indication of the manufacturer.

How did Diamond Dallas page get his teeth so white?

I'm assuming that you mean for the WWE? He had them professionally whitened at a dentist for the character that he was portraying.

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Diamond Supply Co.

What does 925C on a diamond ring mean?

c = diamond

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If you mean 1/100 of a meter then it is 1 centimeter