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Pervading and everlasting purity and virtue.

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Q: What does the white on singapores flag mean?
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Who is singapores flag bearer for yog?

It must be someone! A Singaporean? Maybe.

What is Singapore's flag look like?

The bottom half of Singapores flag is white, and the top half is red. On the top half there is a moon '(' and right next to the moon on the right are five stars in a 'pentagon' shape.

What does singapores flag mean?

the white means purity and virtue,the red stands for brotherhood and equlity of man,the moon stands for a young growing nation,and the five stars represent democracy,peace ,progress,justice,and equality.

What does the white on the us flag mean?

The white on the USA flag means independence

What does white flag mean?

The white flag is traditionally considered a signal of surrender.

What does the white on the America flag mean?

The white on the American flag means peace.

Where does Singapores garbage go to?

singapores garbage goes to heaven!

What does the white mean in Japan's flag?

The white background of the Japan flag is representative of honesty and purity.

What is white mean on the American flag?

White means courage.

What does the white background mean in the olympic flag?


Which county has a flag with 3 horizontal stripes red white and red?

Do you mean red white and green? If so it's the Spanish flag, but a red white and red flag is the Austria flag.

What does the white mean on the english flag?

The white is for purity. Hope I helped!