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Biotic means living organisms, such as plants and animals.
Relating to life.

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What terms mean living and nonliving?

The word biotic means living and abiotic means nonliving.

What does biotid mean?

"Biotid" is not a word. -However, 'biotic' means -'related to life and living things'.

What does biotic mean'?

The word biology means the study (-ology) of life (bio-).Biotic means pertains to (-tic) life (bio-).Biotic means anything that is alive. Animals, trees, worms, bacteria, fish, birds and so forth.

What do you mean by biotic and non biotic things?

living and no-living things.

How can you put the word biotic in a sentence?

A biotic factor is something done by living things.

What is a another name for biotic?

well biotic is a word that means alive but abiotic is dead.

What does biotic factor mean?

a Biotic factor is anything that in alive such as an animal or plant

What is the root word for abiotic?


Use the word biotic in a sentence?

you should not rely on anti Biotics. The biotic treatment might not work.

What is the root word of antibiotics?

biotic is the root word of antibiotics

How might A biotic factors have an effect on biotic factors in an ecosystem?

your question makes no sense did you mean how can abiotic factors have effects on biotic?

Does biotic mean living or nonliving?

biotic = livingabiotic = nonlivingmental tip: biotic and is biology, which is the study of living things

What deos biotic mean?

Biotic means, something that is living and has changes between life.

What are the biotic factor in an ecosystem?

The word biotic means 'pertains to life'. Biology is the study of life. So anything that is alive is a biotic factor in a ecosystem.

What does biotic community or "biota" mean?

Biota means all biotic factors of the ecosystem including animal and plant life of a particular region,habitat, or geological period.

How do you use a biotic factor in a sentence?

My cousin had the same problem. Due to biotic factor he can not digest cheese.

What does biotc mean?

biotic mean everything that has life in an ecosystem

What is in-biotic?

There is no such word as "in-biotic". Perhaps you meant "abiotic", which are non-living components of an ecosystem such as light intensity, temperature, pH of soil, presence of nutrients, etc.

How can abiotic factors change biotic factors?

I assume that you already know what abiotic and biotic mean, right?

What is a word starting with b is a synonym of strange?


Is biotic a greek word or latin word?

Its from the greek word βίος (bios) meaning life.

What are the meaning of the term biotic and abiotic?

biotic mean living thing and abiotic means non-living thing

What is the original language for the word biotic?

From a Latin word 'bioticus' meaning pertaining to life

What does biotic and climate change mean?

seaonal weather

How would you use the word Biotic in a sentence?

A biotic factor is something done by livingthings, for example, animals competing for food.

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