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It means to add decorations or extra details.

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Q: What does the word embellish mean?
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What is an antonym for embellish?

To play [it] down Or if you mean literally 'embellish' as in 'to make beautiful' how about: To ruin

What is the opposite of embellish?

An opposite of the word embellish could be simplify.

What is a word for to decorate beginning in em or en?


What is a sentence using the word embellish?

Every year, the children would embellish the Christmas tree with ornaments and candy canes.She added sequins to embellish the dress.This is a wonderful essay, but it's hard to believe that your parents didn't embellish it a bit.Please just tell what happened; don't embellish it with blame or colorful descriptions.

What does the French word enjoliver mean?

Enjoliver is a transitive verb (a verb that requires a direct object to complete the meaning) which translates as to embellish.

What could be a sentence with the word embelish in it?

She'll embellish the gown with ribbons and sequins. If the story is boring, embellish it a bit with colorful, vivid details.

How do make a sentence with the word embelish?

Embellish the story with colorful details to make it more interesting. Find an inexpensive, cotton dress, embellish it with rhinestones and it will be gorgeous.

What part of speech is embellish?

My grandiose style of writing will serve to embellish, in a sentence, my essay. My editor told me to embellish the story a bit.

What is the French word for embellishments?

To embellish is 'embellir' in French. Embellishments are 'des embellissements'.

What word is used for saying something more than that actually is?

== == Embellish Exaggerate

What a sentence for embellish?

Yes, I have been known to embellish a feat or two... Let's not embellish our accomplishments.

What does embelish mean?

embellish: to ornament, add details to make something finer