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Gaudy is an adjective that means ostentatious — in other words, flashy and in your face, and not in a good way. Someone in a gaudy outfit is probably trying too hard to be cool and stylish. Gaudy evolved from the Middle English gaud “deception, trick” in the 1520's.

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A sentence for the word gaudy?

the man was very gaudy about his teacher

What is an example sentence using the word gaudy?

A sentence using the word gaudy could be: The girl looked out of place at the wedding in her gaudy clothes. Gaudy means excessively bright and showy, with a negative connotation, meaning that it is out of place or tasteless.

Where did the word gaudy come from?

From architect antoni Gaudi?

Is gaudy a word?

Yes. It means extravagantly bright or showy. As in, she was garbed in some much sparkling jewellery as to look rather gaudy.

What is does the root word of paragraph mean?

the root word of "paragraph"...paraGRAPH

What is the origin of the word gawdy?

The word (gaudy) is from Latin gaudium (hence the spelling) meaning 'joy'

Origin of the word paragraph?

i think the origin of the word paragraph is greek?

What is a five letter word that means loud?

The word could be gaudy. It means extravagantly bright or showy.

Where did gaudy come from?

ere is a Latin word 'gaudium, meaning joy or delight

What are synonyms of the word garish?

vulgar, gaudy, tasteless, cheap, showy, ornate

Can you start a paragraph with the word by?

Sure, you can start a paragraph with the word by. By starting a paragraph in this manner, I give an example of what I am talking about.

How can you use the word gaudy in a sentence?

Grandma thinks that bright dress with the sparkles and sequins is beautiful, but I think it's quite gaudy. She may wear too much make-up, bright skirts and gaudy plastic jewelry, but Mrs. Periwinkle is a wonderful teacher.

What is another word for multicolored?

Vivid . . . Bright . . . Colorful . . . Rich . . . Vibrant . . . Lively . . . Gaudy . . .

Which of the following is the default paragraph alignment in Word?

Left is the default paragraph alignment in word.

Where does the word gaudy originate from?

there is some difference of opinion but likely gaudy originates from latin gaudere meaning to rejoice & came via Anglo french gaudir meaning to be merry to produce gaud in middle English meaning a deception or trick or an ornamental bead or rosary which then led to gaudy by 1529

What is the name for the word that starts off a paragraph?

The first word in a paragraph does not have a specific name; it's just the first word.

Do you capitalize the word paragraph in a sentence?

no or at least not any more than i capitalize the word sentence in a paragraph

What is a sentence using the word paragraph?

The paragraph was very well-written.

How do you make a sentence with the word paragraph in it?

The first paragraph of my essay was about the book.

Is paragraph belong to word processing?

Creating paragraph is a part of typing so yes, it belongs to word processing.

Is paragraph a noun?

Yes, the word 'paragraph' is a verb and a noun.The noun 'paragraph' is a word for a distinguished section of a piece of writing used to separate a longer piece by theme or idea; a word for a short written piece; a word for a thing.

Sample paragraph of a definition paragraph?

A definition paragraph would be one that offers a definition of a word or idea. The paragraph should be at least two sentences long, should state the word being defined, and give the answer.

How to delete a paragraph on Microsoft Word?

You highlight the whole paragraph and then hit backspace.

Two synonyms for the word garish?

Some choices: brazen, tawdry, showy, ornate, blatant, meretricious, gaudy

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