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The word "here" means in this place.

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What word mean the same as available?

the answer is here

What does the french word d'ici mean in English?

from here

What does the word gone mean?

It means 'no longer here'.

What does the name Traegan mean?

traegan is a spanish word mean get it over here.

What does the word kan mean in Hebrew?

the hebrew word Kan (כאן) means "here"

What is does the Hebrew word po mean?

po (פה) = "here"

What does the spanish word ici mean?

in french it means "here".

What does the word yanh mean in a South Carolina dialect?


What does volune mean in music?

Nothing, here is no such word a "volune".

What does the Hebrew word Kan mean?

Kan (כאן) = "here"

What do Jesus mean by the word Thither?

hereThither is an obsolete modern english word used by the translators of the KJV: it means here. Usually used with the word come.

What does the word 'aqui' mean when translated into English?

The Portuguese word 'aqui' translates into English as the word 'here'. The word 'here' is defined as in, at or to a specific place or location. It can also used as an exclamation.

What is roman word for balance?

Balance is a word with three connotations and Latin has a different word for each. Here they are. If you mean the verb "to balance" the word is compensare. If you mean a scale there are two words, they are trutina and libra. If you mean the remainder, the word is reliquus.

What does the word spectrum mean when you say electromagnetic spectrum?

Here the word spectrum denotes the group of waves.

What does 'thou' mean?

Why, I do know what thou means for I am from the renissance. Thou is the original word for thy humans word "You:" What an interesting word. Alas, here is my answer, and here are you. Goodbye

What does ingualmente mean in English?

The word is "igualmente" and it means "same here" or "equally".

Does the spanish word Venga mean goodbye in english?

No. It means "come here"

What does tadavia in spanish mean?

Todavía is the Spanish word for still as in "are you still here?"

What is the french word for noes?

Not sure what you want here. If you mean the word for nose, it is le nez -( ler nay)

What does the spanish word auci mean?

You may mean aqui which sounds a bit like (ah-key) and means "here."Also, the word así which is used to mean so, or therefore.

In mathematics what does the word difference mean?

The word difference means subtract! Here is an example!Example:7,935- 2,460______5,475

What does the German word Outta mean?

Outta is not a German word, I only know it as an English expression for out of.I'm outta here!

What is limerich mean.?

Guessing here - I believe the word you are looking for is limerick, and it is style of poetry.

What does the word koko mean in japanese?

koko ni (ここに) = "here"

What does the word sanctified mean in Jeremiah 1 verse 5?

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