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Heterosexual means you are only attracted to the opposite sex.

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Q: What does the word heterosexual mean?
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What is hetarosexual mean?

The word "heterosexual" is the Hindi translated word of "heterosexual". Heterosexual is defined as a romantic or sexual attraction of two people of opposite genders.

A sentence using the word heterosexual?

You are heterosexual (Im guessing) Plus, that question is one!

What is a word that is the opposite of homosexual?

heterosexual (straight)

What is the opposite of the word lesbian?

Heterosexual, or straight.

Can a Straight do a tattoos in his Wrist as a Star or a cross?

Word your answer a little more clearly. Do you mean a "Straight" as in heterosexual, Straight Edge?

What is a straight girl?

When referring to a straight girl you mean that she is heterosexual. If she is not heterosexual she may be considered homosexual or bisexual.

Does heterosexual mean you're gay?

Just the opposite.Heterosexual means straight - feeling attraction to members of the opposite sex. Homosexual means gay - feeling attraction to members of the same sex. There's also bisexual, denoting those who are attracted to both sexes. The word heterosexual comes from the Greek language and means someone attracted to the OPPOSITE sex (hetero means OTHER). The word homosexual is also from a Greek word and means someone attracted to the SAME sex (homo means THE SAME). So heterosexual is another word for 'straight' and homosexual is another word for 'gay'.

What is the specific word for extreme lover of girls?

obsessive heterosexual

Do mean women make homosexuals?

No more than heterosexual women are mean.

What is hedro sexual?

You mean heterosexual, and it means straight/ not gay.

Does homosexual and heterosexual mean the same?

Homosexual: having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex Heterosexual: Sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex

What does het mean?

Het is short for heterosexual, heterogeneous, or even heterodyne.

What is hitrosexual?

This is not an English word. Perhaps you heard the word HETEROSEXUAL, which means someone who is sexually attracted to the opposite gender.

What is a Person attracted to the opposite sex?

Straight I donโ€™t get the question mabye heterosexual?

What does Hector sexual mean?

You may be trying to write heterosexual. Heterosexual means being attracted to the opposite sex, as opposed to homosexual which means being attracted to the same sex.

What does i think I am straight mean?

"Straight" in this context would mean heterosexual. "Gay" is the slang for homosexual.

What does straight mean as in gay or not?

"Straight" means heterosexual, and "gay" means homosexual. They are opposites.

What can you do to be full straight guy?

I think that should come naturally if by "full straight guy" you mean a heterosexual male. If you have to force it, you're not naturally heterosexual. Healthy sexuality should not have to be forced.

Why do people hate bis?

Because you are either heterosexual or heterosexual.

What do you mean by Sexual Orientation?

whether someone is heterosexual (straight), homosexual (gay), or bisexual (bi)

Can a heterosexual person be described as straight?

heterosexual people = people who are straight

Are males gay or heterosexual?

Some males are gay, but most are heterosexual.

How do you spell heterosexual is this correct?

Yes you have written the correct spelling for heterosexual.

If you are heterosexual but dream about gay sex what does that mean?

It means you are a normal human being. Many people have dreams like this. It doesn't mean anything.

Does white speedos and swim trunks indicate a gay guy?

If a man has 10 fingers does that mean he is heterosexual? That is my answer.

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