What does the word hormones means?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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it means big or larger

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Q: What does the word hormones means?
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Can you give me a sentence for the word hormones?

A sentence with the word hormones could be 1.) Men have a higher amount of hormones than women 2.) Men and women have the hormones

What does 'secreted hormones' mean?

Organs and glands secrete hormones, which means they release them into the bloodstream.

What do pituitary hormones directly control?

The pituitary gland produces something called trophic hormones. What that means is that it makes hormones, which are chemical messengers that control other glands.

How do you use the word hormone in a sentence?

Hormones cause growth in people. Teenagers act stupidly because of their hormones.

What is other word for male hormones?

androgen, testosterone

What is another word for hormones?

a chemical secreted by your body

What is hypogonadotropic?

Hypogonadotropic means containing low levels of gonadotropins. Gonadotropins are hormones from the brain that control the secretion of sex hormones.

What Controls the body by means of chemicals called hormones?

The endocrine system controls the body by means of chemical molecules called hormones.

What does hormones mean during puberty?

it means you will soon be fully developed and i know why cuz i already am cuz the doctor told me that i had hormones and that i became fully developed

What is another word for auxins?

Auxins are plant hormones, typically growth regulators.

Why do 6th grade boys act so perverted?

One word.... hormones ! lol

What is an eight letter word that describes something that girls and boys grow during puberty?